Why You Should Consider a Boudoir Shoot Before The Big Day
October 2, 2018
This romantic photo shoot designed by Poco Uno and held at Sydney's The Rift Estate is not only serving up inspiration for an unexpected, rich color palette but it also might inspire you to consider a couple's boudoir. The pictures alone are so insanely gorgeous and when paired with photographer Lana Ivanova's tips, you just might dare to go bare and shoot a gorgeous boudoir before the big day.

Creating Intimate Heirlooms

Boudoir with your lover is a whole new experience giving you a chance to get intimate heirlooms from the day of your wedding or not long before the day. You can do it in the comfort of your own home or organize a getaway somewhere, rent a cosy Airbnb and invite a photographer in.

Consider Hiring a Stylist

Hiring a stylist is a brilliant idea. She/he will help the tone of the shoot, work out the details you might need, prepare a set based on the brief and will be a great assistance on the day of the shoot.

Let Your Natural Beauty Shine

If you are after a more casual environment just come as you are and be your everyday self and let your photographer capture the magic between you two.

Trust Your Photographer

We all might feel a little shy in front of the camera sometimes , especially if it’s a boudoir shoot, unveiling your vulnerability. Just let your photographer guide you through the shoot (I’m sure every photographer has their own tricks how to make you comfortable), be present in the moment, enjoy the experience and forget everything around you. Imagine it’s just the 2 of you in the room.

Have Fun!

Make each other laugh throughout the day, give each other little pinches and kiss each other’s faces. Those little moments are so precious. Spontaneous and fun are the best images there are and are the easiest to achieve. All you need to do is be you!
More from Lana...We started with some boudoir shots in one of the bedrooms. It felt so nice and easy and our beautiful couple was so natural in front of the camera sharing their embraces and kisses with each other. We made each other laugh all the way through and it felt so easy right at the start.
As the day unfolded we moved onto an official part of the shoot when our lovely stylist Miss Sierra Ramke surprised us all with mind-blowing gown from Vera Wang.
Stylish, modern cut contrasted by the black bridesmaid outfit was definitely a stand out and Maroon velvet jacket on the groom was a centerpiece of it all.
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