Colorful + Whimsical Wedding Done Oh So Right in Phoenix, Arizona!
October 2, 2018
By: eddye
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We've noticed that there are a lot of colorful weddings going on in the SW regions of the US. And as much as the all-white or blush and neutral weddings fill our pages, you have to know that we LOVE weddings with brilliant color! Here's the thing. It can be downright difficult to get the perfect blend of color + energy + ambience from your chosen color palette. The incredibly talented Charity Mauer Photography as well as the passionate team of wedding planners at Some Like It Classic, shared today's wedding to show you how splendid a color-infused wedding can be. So - get comfy - pull out your reading glasses - pour that last sip of coffee (sub in beverage of choice!). We have a doozy of a recent real wedding from Charity & Kayla that mastered the color wheel at Royal Palms Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. It was SO hard to know how to stop with the images! Head over to the full gallery for more.
From Charity Mauer... The perfect recipe for a color-filled wedding can be quite the enigma. Too conservative? Forgettable. Over the top? Garish! But KC, Ben and the incredible Kayla at Some Like It Classic found that elusive balance and executed it perfectly!
Their venue, the Royal Palms Resort, is naturally lush combining the soft greens and blues of desert succulents with the bright pops of red and purple from the geraniums and vincas cultivated by their master gardeners. The pools of crystal blue water reflect sparkles of dappled sunlight making everything in their labyrinth of courtyards shimmer and glow. KC and Ben's wedding was set amidst this stunning array or colors.
The bougainvillea buds adorning the property seem electrified in the light of the sunset, creating the most beautiful floral backdrops for their romance.
The floral designs from The Flower Studio featured notoriously gorgeous black dahlias (swoon!) scattered amongst peach and orange roses and ranunculus. Blue lupine and sweepings of ferns and other foliage covered the ceremony altar making you feel as though you'd found your way into some forgotten secret garden overgrown with time.
The blue and white chintz tablecloths for their reception dinner paired perfectly with the dusty rose napkins and custom turquoise and fuchsia agate place markers for each guest.
KC's guests even seemed in on the secret, dressed in gorgeous jewel tones and textured cocktail wear. From the subtle hints of turquoise in her wedding makeup and earrings (she does hail from Texas!), to their custom magenta cocktails, KC and Ben lived their wedding dreams awash in color and beauty. It was a treat to capture such a stunning display on film for this sweet sweet couple!
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