Ristorante Del Cambio ~ Italian Wedding Romance in Turin
September 26, 2018
By: eddye
Italy. A land filled with incredible history, indelible charm and a beauty that will capture your heart forever. It's on almost everyone's bucket list... and if it's not, it should be.  From the rustic countryside to the old world elegance of such remarkable cities as Turin, Italy offers it all. Today, we'll share some destination wedding inspiration that we hope will remind you of that history... the elegance and artistic expression gathered together by a team of wedding pros weaving the past with the present in a rich and luxurious way. Designed by Chiara Viarisio and captured by Pure White Photography , this shoot takes you to a time and a place that will leave you wanting for more.
From wedding planner, Chiara Viarisio... Today I would like to tell you about an unusual marriage... a marriage celebrated between the beauty of art and the romance of a wedding setting. The location we chose for this union was Ristorante Del Cambio in the centre of Turin. We organize weddings all over Piedmont, but I have a special bond with Turin, my hometown, which I adore because of its refinement and great variety of architectural styles.
Our bride’s dress was selected to harmonize with the details of the overall setting. It is from Elena Pignata’s collection and is elegant and refined, with precise and determined lines. It has some of the Turin-based fashion designer’s trademark features, such as a wide mikado skirt and a lace corset. The bride's look is completed by a special circlet created by Cristina Signorina using an antique crafting technique. The minute flowers are made of ceramic and then individually dipped in virgin beeswax.
The first photographs of our bride and groom, together, were taken in Carignano Square, with the building of the Senate as a backdrop. The groom also wore an Elena Pignata suit, with details in line with the colour scheme of the event, a maroon bowtie and a floral item in the breast pocket. To further enhance the look of the wedding couple, the jeweler Giverso designed the cufflinks worn on the groom’s tailor-made shirt and the jewels that made the bride ever more beautiful.
The venue, enhanced by 19th-century decor and furnishings, hosts works by Pistoletto, Gamper, and Patkin. The essence of this historic restaurant can be summarized in three keywords: memories, style and innovation. The ornaments and decor create a sumptuous atmosphere steeped in history. Our team knew that Del Cambio would be the perfect spot for inspiring couples who love vibrant color and rich details.
To complement this combination of historic charm and innovative elements, we used marble tables, with wonderful stemware and china. Pink, magenta, and green were key colours of the floral displays. Everything worked together to enhance the distinct character and warmth of the room... the intense shades, fit perfectly with the walls of the hall and a sense of solemnity and sophistication was present in each and every detail. The gold hues of the candleholders, glasses, and under-plates, together with the other colours chosen for the setup, created a harmonic whole that perfectly matches the ambience of Del Cambio.
The underplates designed by Izhar Patkin deserve a special mention. Patkin, a New York-based artist originally from Israel, has been working on the concept of "ruins": objects and creatures that are at risk of disappearing from reality and that the artist wants to save through his creative re-elaboration. As part of his collaboration with the famous French porcelain manufacturer, Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres, Patkin completed a unique project for Del Cambio: 150 plates "discarded" by the producer due to slight imperfections were hand-personalised by the artist with references to the name and history of the restaurant. 
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