Tennessee Sweet -- A Southern Wedding With 3 First Looks
September 6, 2018
By: eddye
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Having a "first look" is one of the many tough wedding decisions couples face now-a-days. You and your photographer will go through all the reasons to - or not to - to suit your particular timeframe. Today, we have a bride who didn't just have one "first look"... she had three! Her grandfather.... her father.... and her groom... we love the idea and the pics from Christy Wilson Photography.
From Christy at Christy Wilson Photography... What makes a couple like Matt and Kaitlin so memorable to me is the air of sweetness that surrounds them. A kind of sweetness that is strong and uninterrupted. Each picture I took of them truly showcases the depth of respect and love they hold for each other.
Nothing captured this better than the moment they first saw each other as bride and groom. With tears in their eyes (and mine), they spoke to each other with the most sweet and gentle purpose.

This deep affection spilled over into moments spent with their family and friends. Especially the moments with people like Kaitlin’s grandfather who drove from hours away to make sure he was there for that special day. 
Matt and Kaitlin’s stunning spring wedding took place at RT Lodge that is tucked away into the quaint East Tennessee college town of Maryville. There was no shortage of natural, woodsy and simply unforgettable scenery at this unique wedding destination. And the gorgeous, sunny, spring day made this a location fit for a fairytale as you will see in these timeless photographs...
Family and Friends happily enjoyed the beautiful outdoor reception that offered the tastiest food! The buffet of delicate main courses and sides was an exceptional compliment to an unforgettable evening.
Toasts were made and tears were shed, happy ones of course. And the energy of the night kept going strong with an incredible live band. I think the band and the guests kept each other going all the way to the end! Kaitlin, Matt and guests all danced the night away and ended it with an impressive sparkler send off
Be sure and see the day - and all the love unfold - in this short wedding film from Along With You!
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