Looking for the Perfect Engagement Ring? Here are 10 Things You Should Know.
August 15, 2018
With vintage-inspired sparklers and colored gems definitely having their moment last year, we've been excited to see the stunning engagement ring trends of 2018—it sure has been a gorgeous year for left-hand bling so far. And there are still plenty of proposals waiting to happen this year! So, who better to guide us on everything we should know, than the experts at PGI and Blue Nile? Scroll for a Q&A on what you'll be seeing a LOT of in the coming months and into next year. #beplatinum

1. What popular engagement ring trend do you see phasing out in 2018?

Blue Nile: I would say it's not so much a matter of trends phasing out but subtly shifting. We’re seeing the same classic styles revamped with modern twists, like a detailed prong or profile.


2. What metal is having its moment in 2018?

Blue Nile: Rose gold is still trending but the most buzzed-about engagement rings (think Ariana Grande’s pear-shaped diamond) are usually set in platinum. #beplatinum

3. We're all about the classic diamond, but is there any other gemstone 2018 brides should keep their eyes on?

Blue Nile: Sapphires or rubies are a great alternative center stone for an engagement ring. Aside from a diamond, they are the hardest and are also the most resistant to scratches, chips. With proper care will retain their luster the longest.


4. Why do you think online ordering is so hot right now?

Blue Nile: It's really a matter of modern love and relationships. Today's couples want to be able to blend new norms with celebrated traditions. Previously, the engagement ring shopping experience was known to be confusing, expensive, inconvenient, and intimidating. With the option to buy online, couples can shop on their own terms and feel confident in their choice of ring because they have the best selection and value at their fingertips 24/7.

5. On that note, how can a groom feel confident when ordering a ring online? How can you be sure you're getting a quality ring?

Blue Nile: When buying an engagement ring online, it's important to know the diamond is accompanied by an independent grading report from a respected lab like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The quality of a diamond accompanied by one of those reports is considered guaranteed. At Blue Nile, all of our rings are accompanied by a GIA report and we stand behind every piece.


6. We know that platinum is always the go-to metal for engagement rings for a number of reasons. Is that a trend you see holding strong this year? Why?

Blue Nile: Platinum is always a good choice for an engagement ring because of its durability. It is stronger than gold, which makes it ideal for securing the diamonds in your ring, and it is truly white so won't need to be re-plated to maintain its color like white gold. For those who prefer a non-white look like rose gold (see #2), we still recommend setting your center diamond in a Platinum Crown because platinum holds your diamond most securely and won’t cast any color into your diamond. #beplatinum

7. We loved all of the solitaire oval rings in 2017. What cut do you see rising in popularity for this year?

Blue Nile: The cushion-cut is definitely growing in popularity this year. It's the cut of Meghan Markle's center stone so that could be a driving factor.


8. How can a minimalist bride still achieve that wow factor with her ring while staying true to her aesthetic?

Blue Nile: Opt for a dainty setting with a high-quality diamond that is cut to maximize the brilliance. It will turn heads without being over-the-top.

9. What would you say to a bride who has fallen in love with a trend (like vintage-inspired rings), but is afraid to take the leap?

Blue Nile: If you're afraid your tastes will change, consider taking aspects of the style you love and incorporating it into a classic setting. For example: If your current tastes lean towards vintage, art-deco and you feel it might be too much for you in a few years, consider a three-stone ring with a round center and baguette side stones in a classic platinum setting. #beplatinum


10. Halos are all the rage right now. What other setting do you think will have their moment in 2018?

Blue Nile: Twisting settings and surprise side details are popular updates to more traditional styles. They provide that unique detail brides want in something as personal as an engagement ring.