RiverOaks Charleston Wedding Inspiration with Stunning Photography
August 8, 2018
Classic Weddings
We're knee deep in our Simply Sarah total takeover today and up next is a Charleston stunner where photography takes center stage and the beautiful low country backdrop takes each image to a new level. When I was curating this shoot for SMP, I initially began with the beautiful details from A Charleston Bride and the pretty florals by Stephanie Gibbs. But as I dove deeper, it was truly the imagery that captured my heart - the still moments where this gorgeous bride is captured in her pure and captivating beauty. And it reminded me that THIS is why we spend money on amazing photographers, this is why we look and look until we find that person who can see through the details of the day and into those moments of simple and so very real beauty.
From Sarah... In terms of the overall design, I wanted to pay homage to the surroundings but still create an additional layer of formality.
We pushed this concept in our softer color palette and overall design elements. The backdrop of our venue, RiverOaks Charleston, was the perfect mix of European timeless architecture and low country landscape.
The way the Spanish moss covered oaks balance with the stucco structure is so effortless. The floral had a romantic lush presence and the bright blooms created depth on the cement moss colored linens.
There was structured lines found in the crystal cut glassware to add a hint of modern, but the stationery kept it soft with touches of French blue and garden green. What we loved so much with this event was how each element perfect enhanced the other. The backdrop had a place in the story just as much as the added details.
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