Spectacular Bali Wedding at Alila Villa Uluwatu The Cliff
July 21, 2018
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Let me just preface this by telling you that I believe this is the most imagery I've ever put into a single post. I could not - no matter how long I looked through this gorgeous wedding from Sally Pinera - narrow it down into our usual template because every single photo was more beautiful than the next and I wanted to make absolute sure that you got to see this stunner in all it's loveliness. With a design by Paper Diamonds, this destination Bali wedding is one that will most certainly leave you in total and complete awe. Click here to see even more (and there is so much more).
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From Paper Diamonds... When Maggie emailed me, it was love at first Skype. She was one of those brides that takes the whole destination wedding planning journey with so much ease and it was super easy to style for her. She was honest about what she liked, what she didn't like and open to new ideas and compromising a few along the way.

One thing she knew she wanted was the lilac and gold colours. This became the base to our romantic decor, from the bar covers, napkins, stationery and the flowers. A lot of fabric items were custom made for this wedding, including most of the linens via The Host Table and it was those small pops of purple that pulled all the items into one cohesive design. Since Alila Villas Uluwatu is known for it's minimal architecture and design, we inputed the purple sparingly, focusing on the flowers to really bring out the colour. We love details, and this wedding was not short of it. The custom designed menus were wrapped in vellum, tied with local grey silk and sealed with a gold wax stamp, which had their monogram on it. The design was a continuation of the stationery from the custom designed welcome gift that the guests received upon their arrival to Bali which included the weekend itinerary, freshly baked macarons, engagement photo, custom-scented room spray which we based off Maggie's favourite Jo Malone candle, a bag of honey dried banana chips (a local health snack), local made soap all provided in a custom beach bag.

As the sun set, it was important for us to create as much magic with the lighting as possible. Maggie is a romantic at heart and there was nothing better then adding an ocean of fairy lights, crystal chandeliers above each guest table and hundreds of candles. Of course, the sheer amount of lighting posed the challenge of supporting it all in such an open lawn space but with clever camouflaging and the support of an incredible Sound & Lighting team, nothing is impossible. La Puja created the mood, there really is nothing better than having a band take you on a journey throughout the evening. Live entertainment gives your guests a visual focal point throughout the evening and working with a good band means you have the ability to set the mood at any stage of the night. With so many variables that create the mood of an event, live music and talented musicians are invaluable.

Last but not least, we ended the evening with fireworks. Shot over the cliff, overlooking the Indian Ocean.