If Perfume is the Key to Your Memories...We've Found the Perfect One.
July 13, 2018
Lavender always reminds me of Summer. I have lavender plants growing in my own garden and that familiar smell seems to find its way into my home, always making me smile. It's floral and fresh and sort of romantic in a sun-kissed moment kind of way. And Vera Wang has bottled it up to pure perfection with her newest addition to the Embrace collection, French Lavender and Tuberose. The perfect scent for a Style Me Pretty inspired wedding. Spray it on to your bouquet, share it with your bridesmaids or just apply right before you walk down the aisle. It will beautifully balance the magic of Summer with the intimacy of I-Do.
The beauty in Vera Wang Embrace is so much more than the iconic name and the pretty packaging. It's in the marriage of scents - with notes of French Lavender and Tuberose blending so beautifully into sparkling Mandarin and the warmth of Cocoa Bean and Vanilla. Simply put...it's heavenly.
The Vera Wang Embrace collection has a scent for every Style Me Pretty bride. She is feminine and yet strong. Elegant and yet real. She loves beautiful moments amidst perfectly curated details. From the way that she wears her hair, to the dress that she so carefully chooses and the flowers she selects with thought and design.
She is not any one thing and yet her many layers work together in a way that simply makes her - and her wedding - sparkle. When we smelled this perfume - the lovely Vera Wang Embrace - we felt that same instant familiarity that we find in the weddings that we share with you.
I still remember the hours leading up to my own Summer wedding... drinking champagne with my bridesmaids, eating tiny sandwiches because we didn't want to mess up our makeup, opening the window so that sun shone through and made us all feel rested and relaxed. For our shoot with Vera Wang Embrace, we wanted to capture that same sweetness, that same warmth and sentiment that is so naturally infused into the moments just before you walk down the aisle.
Someone once said to me, "Perfume is the key to your memories." And how incredibly true that is. A special scent for your most cherished day ever -- one of the loveliest ways to remember this moment... giving you the chance to feel that joy every time you open the bottle.