Spectacular Bali Wedding at the Stunning Soori Bali Resort
July 9, 2018
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One of the things that makes my job so fun is the vast range of weddings that we get to be a part of - from a rustic barn in Maine to the shores of Bali, no two weddings are alike. And if you take the time to dig in a little, I've never seen a single wedding story that directly mimics another. The people, the emotions, the moments are all different, all entirely unique. This wedding - photographed to dreamy perfection by Erich McVey and designed flawlessly by Flying Bride - embraces the beaches of Bali and forces you out from behind your computer and into the infinite beauty of an oceanside affair.
From Flying Bride... The Bride and Groom's direction for the wedding was clear: they wanted a wedding that would blend beautifully with the surrounding of Soori Bali, their stunning venue. With that in mind, I designed their wedding to be inspired by the breathtaking beach of Soori Bali. The color of the blue ocean, its white foam and various shades of sand from neutral to dark grey which represents the "black sand" at Soori, became the main color palette of the wedding.
Another unique element of her wedding was her hand bouquet, made out of tuberoses carefully sewn one by one in order to create a bouquet full of tuberoses. This particular flower was Vivi's dad's favourite. Sadly, he has passed away and couldn't walk with Vivi down the aisle. That was why Vivi wanted to have the tuberoses bouquet so it would be like having her father walking her down the aisle.
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To follow on with the nautical theme, which color has inspired the wedding, we used natural nautical elements such as luminous oyster and capiz shells to be combined with rows of dramatic candles to decorate various long, dark wooden tables. While most brides dream of having luscious flowers on their wedding day, Vivi, who is unlike most girls, prefer to have her wedding the opposite way. Both Yoga and she are not fond of flowers. The challenge was to find an element to replace flowers on their wedding. However, Vivi once told us that she used to have a terrarium with beautiful succulents inside. This made Yoga laughed so hard as he said the succulent which could stay alive even without water, died in her hands. They both laughed. The funny story became a memorable moment for them. So I decided to replace the use of flowers on the table arrangement with various exotic succulents. Drapery and rows of terrarium lamps added so much elegance overhead.

Last but not least, the 9 tier wedding cake was a symbol to represent the couple's 9 years relationship. The breathtaking cake was made with amazing nautical textured element made by the most skilled cake artisan in Indonesia. It was truly icing to the very wonderful and memorable wedding.