Paris Enchantment For This Stylish Bride and Groom
July 5, 2018
By: eddye
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Mia and Sean's destination wedding took place in an elegant and airy loft space located facing the famous Arc de Triomphe in Paris! It was a dream come true fo Mia and Sean who loved weekending in Paris. The day of the wedding included visiting the original Ladurée, Mia's favorite sweets bakery, as well as Coco Chanel's original atelier. A stroll through les jardins and plaza du Palais Royal led to more emotional hugs and tears, before arriving at their venue. Le Pavilion Etoile. An intimate group of family and friends welcomed Mia and Sean with cheers and clinking cocktails! ~Karen Wise Photography
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More from Karen Wise Photography... Having both grown up in the Midwest, living and working in the same areas of Chicago and New York City, their paths had crossed many times over the years. But it wasn’t until a mutual friend introduced them that they finally happened to meet—at Sean’s Lower East Side apartment. That day, Mia brought him a get-well-soon care package to get him over that season’s flu. The two became close friends.

Their friendship blossomed into love when Mia flew across the Atlantic and visited Sean in London, while he was there for work. Months later, Sean would fly the opposite direction from New York City to visit Mia at her new home in Laguna Beach, CA. He extended his few-day stay into a week of laughter and sunshine, where true love began its years-long journey to the big day.

They dated only a short time, being engaged to be married in the late summer of 2016, visiting the Court House in New York City in January 2017 to finalize their official paperwork in preparation for an October 2017 ceremony and celebration in the City of Lights. When asked why the couple chose France for the celebration, they continue to joyfully quote Hemingway. For “Paris is a moveable feast.”

Adventure, travel, and their shared love of learning and literature became the theme of their Paris fête. Their vision was written in stone from the moment planning began, with Dreams in Paris helping to coordinate the day-of details. (Note: Dreams in Paris, Day of Wedding Coordinator)

Mia also knew, from the beginning, that Karen Wise was the perfect photographer for the journey. Having worked together in New York City, Mia’s appreciation for Karen’s attentive and artistic shooting style was unmatched.

A most charming experience awaited guests throughout the evening. Opting for a journey, rather than a traditional meal, a twenty-eight course tasting menu was passed; the loft’s french doors remained opened for guests to admire the setting sun over the Arc de Triomphe; champagne poured and poured.

Today, the couple’s journey keeps them traveling across multiple time zones with their mini Aussie, Booker Dean. While it’s hard to predict where they’ll put the next pin on the map, the one certainty is that their love will carry them across a lifetime of adventures.

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