Outdoor Austin Wedding Ceremony That Barely Beats the Rain
June 28, 2018
By: eddye
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From Jenna McElroy's Bride... I knew I wanted my wedding to be in Austin, with beautiful hills and greenery for an outdoor ceremony. Kindred Oaks was ideal for its gorgeous archway and covered dining area - which, it turned out, we needed! Our priest, a dear family friend, had to rush the ceremony to beat the rain, and in a photo finish, the last guest just made it inside before it started pouring buckets. Fifteen minutes later and fifteen degrees colder, we started the reception and the rain disappeared!
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Our story started like any other: boy meets girl, boy texts girl, girl has father interpret texts because she didn't believe boy liked her, girl's father writes texts back, and before you know it, we had a first date! Just after Eric and I met in Houston, I had a job offer lined up in Austin. I decided to turn them down and stay. A year later, Eric surprised me by proposing in front of the triceratops (my favorite dinosaur) at the Houston Museum of Natural Science! 

Eric and I wanted nothing more than to have a great party and memorable wedding. Our guests were in good spirits, our photos were beautiful, and our toasts were hilarious - especially my father's! We have a ton of great pictures from Jenna McElroy that we'll cherish forever.