How to Create Your Own Wedding Brand in Five Steps
June 21, 2018
A wedding brand? I know, it sounds so very corporate and not romantic. BUT, if you look back at some of SMP's most beloved weddings...a sometimes obvious or sometimes subtle sense of branding is pretty much always happening. Perhaps it's the family crest that is woven into the details. Or the clean black and white color palette. Maybe it's an icon or a monogram or theme that helps guide the design in a way that feels cohesive. Bottom line is that a "wedding brand" can pull your look together in a way that makes your wedding feel expensive and chic and downright gorgeous and the FABULOUS trio that is Emily Rose Ink, Amelia Cole Events, The Petal and Roots Life Photography have come together to show us the most beautiful Case Study on gorgeous branding and just how easy it is to tackle on your own.
CASE STUDY: Our goal for this shoot was to show couples how to incorporate a few personal elements that tell that story into the design of their wedding. The two main elements referenced as inspiration and used throughout this shoot were the bee (inspired by Gucci) and martini bar elements. 
The 'ceremony look' featured a Justin Alexander organza ball gown with all-over lace appliques, monarch train and lace trimmed veil from Mira Couture. Hair & Makeup team Rare Bird Beauties, who helped dream up this shoot, had this to say: The Bride's hair was designed to look elegant and classic with straight and glossed length and a chic center part. We paired natural and bold elements for her makeup by keeping the skin perfected and glowing, yet enhancing the eyes with a smokey look.
Emily Rose Ink illustrated the bee that made an appearance on the cake, bar, invitation suite, paper goods and favors. Toni Patisserie added honeycomb detailing on the cake and cookies which added a lovely dimension to the shoot.
Not having seen many martini bars at weddings, we relished in daydreams about how to incorporate this element. Down to the colors and textures of the drink itself, we added clear lucite & crystal elements into the table and tablescape, bar decor, candle holders, chandeliers & pedestal cake display.
Our "reception look' showcased a glamorous Racimo by Atelier Pronovias fit & flare gown with a dramatic, long train and a plunging v-neckline adorned by gemstone appliques. For a touch more glam for the Bride's makeup, we used a bold lip and updo, adding texture and body with modern simplicity... all that was needed to bring the look into evening chic!
Lastly, our couple let their hair down for a fun and playful "exit look", featuring a Lucian Matis jumpsuit from Mira Couture, champagne (of course!) and TONS of confetti.
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by Tara at Roots of Life Photography

A uniquely branded wedding makes a statement and tells your story through color, detail and personalized elements, however, (let’s face it) wedding planning and event design can be a daunting process. Here are 5 tips on how to brand your big day.


Inspiration can come from anywhere so don't limit yourself to what you see in magazines, blogs & on pinterest. Draw from your relationship and make a list of your favorite dates, places to go, fun vacations and the memories, foods and cocktails you two love. What sticks out? Think about some words that describe you and your partner as a couple. Lastly, what experience(s) do you want your guests to have? What do you want them to remember about your wedding events?


Take it a step further and draw inspiration from fashion, architecture, nature, art or even the cinematography of your favorite movie. Notice what draws you in. Is it the warm color palette of a Wes Anderson flick, the manicured topiaries and architecture that seem to bring life to Paris or the smell of fresh baked cookies that feels like home? Pull from these moments and think about how you can infuse these sensory experiences into your wedding events.

When thinking about this shoot, we wanted to create a modern, sleek aesthetic that appeals to chic couples who love the structure and refinement of high end design (fashion, art, architecture, cinematography) and aren't afraid to make a statement with their wedding. If you don't have first-hand knowledge, rely on your senses! As an example, in this shoot, the olive drink garnish even played a role in inspiring the floral color palette and guest favors... add to that, Sugarfina white pearl and olive candy boxes wrapped in silk ribbon and topped off with a white wax seal. Our anchor color, black, tied everything together.


Pick a few personal elements that tell your story and incorporate them into the design of your wedding as anchors. What about creating a personalized monogram, using a symbol or item that represents your culture or expand upon an element from a favorite memory?

Throughout this shoot, we used the Gucci-inspired bee illustration with honeycomb detailing that added incredible dimension. 


Once you have a few design anchors in mind, you can use them to build out your color palette, add textural and other fun design elements to your stationery + paper goods, sweets, favors, cocktail bar, and so on. Think outside the box and get creative here. If you can’t rent it, consider using what you have on hand.

For this shoot, I added items from my personal collection to decorate the bar. Personal items add to the story and are great conversation pieces. For smaller wedding events, consider using or borrowing items, like china, if you have the ability to. I did this at my own wedding rehearsal and it brought me so much joy to see our families come together using dishes from generations past.


Having unique, out of the box, ideas can often pose logistical challenges. Be open to exploring unique and different ways of executing your vision and trust your vendor team. Hiring the right professionals who understand what inspires you, are excited to work with you, and can confidently execute the vision you have for your wedding events is crucial.


Use your design research as an opportunity to connect with your partner and enjoy the process.

Don't forget to have FUN!