Clean Lines, Modern Details and a Whisper of Classic
June 6, 2018
Tri State
So, what exactly IS an inspiration shoot? Well, first and foremost, it's an opportunity for wedding pros to play. To push themselves creatively, to try out new trends and to work alongside peers that they love without boundary or limitation. But an inspiration shoot is more than that. It is an idea. Perhaps many ideas. Ideas that you can pluck right out of the photos and apply to your own wedding. Free of charge. And this shoot from Asher Gardner Photography - along with an ALL.STAR. list of vendors below - is an idea so lovely, I have this feeling it will definitely leave a mark on this style-savvy wedding community that pops in here every day. Full Gallery Here.
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The inspiration for this shoot from Asher Gardner Photography... Paige and Sean are a New York City couple that wanted to celebrate the essence of their love in it’s purity. From the start of their relationship it’s always been about quality time and being raw with one another. They met at an event at the Museum of Modern Art and immediately hit it off. They both love going to museums on the weekend and enjoy trying hip new restaurants. They connected over their love for minimal design and finesse in the details. With Sean’s intentional mindset and Paige’s positive spirit it didn’t take long for their love to blossom. Sean proposed at their favorite dinner spot in SoHo with a Cartier trinity band.

Paige knew she wanted to intertwine the wedding with details that brought them together. As wedding planning progressed they decided to keep things minimal by having a elegant but small New York Wedding. With delicacy and care for each detail, they wanted a wedding that reflected their modern sensibilities but had a classic and timeless feel. They loved the idea of taking photos at the iconic New York Public Library while mixing a more modern flair at their reception in at the Bryant Park Hotel. Because they are very close with their supportive families, they were eager to spend time with those loved ones at an intimate ceremony. At the reception they celebrated by toasting with friends and family to their new love.