Perhaps the Most Beautiful Vows We've Ever Heard
May 31, 2018
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If you only scroll through the gorgeous imagery by Kelsea Holder, you'll fall in love. If you scroll through the gorgeous imagery and then watch the AHHH-mazing video from Anchor Pictures, you will be truly moved. The vows..."I promise to never settle for anything but our best. Even though our best will be beautifully imperfect,"...are some of the loveliest we've ever heard. You can see all of the photographs here - but then promise me you will take 6 little minutes to watch the touching film.
From the Bride... Matt and I met a 4 years ago in our little beach town of Manhattan Beach. We met on a festive night in November called the 'Pier Lighting.' Every year, the city celebrates the kick off to the holidays by lighting the pier with Christmas lights. Matt and I each happened to be out independently that night and faith has it, we caught each others eye. We hit it off instantly. Three years later we got engaged during the holidays in December at the Lyon Steps in San Francisco. My life with Matt has been full of adventure, laughs and love. We always say that even our imperfections together make perfection and I couldn't be more thankful for the life we have created.
I come from an Indian background and Matt from an Irish Catholic background. We wanted a wedding that would blend these very culture rich heritages. More importantly, we wanted to have a wedding that felt truly like "us." So our inspiration was to fuse our cultures with our personalities.
In traditional Indian weddings, the day is full of vibrant colors whether it be reds, pinks or oranges. I knew I wanted a more monochromatic look so we chose color palettes of cream and blush. For design and decorations, we did a lot of dark wood, classic flowers (roses, lisianthus, eucalyptus, etc.), green garlands and candles. The goal was to enhance the beauty of the already incredible venue.
I ended up wearing two wedding dresses, the first a traditional Indian gown and the second, my dream classic white dress. Even for the Indian gown, I ended up doing a beautiful cream color to further add to our theme. The bridesmaids enhanced this with blush dresses from Fame & Partners. Matt wore a beautiful navy tuxedo, as did the groomsmen, which fit perfectly for the very California setting.
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We fell in love with our venue instantly. I always envisioned getting married at a private estate because it felt like a great way to design a really unique, personalized wedding. Butterfly Lane Estate is located in Montecito, right by the famous Butterfly Beach. The venue has gorgeous architecture, lush greenery and florals, and overall a beautiful aesthetic. It was the perfect fit for our day. Matt had this idea to do a bridal party entrance where each person comes in carrying a different flag. With guests from the United States, England, India, etc., he thought it would be a fun way to make everyone feel united at the kick-off of the reception. And that it was! The bridal party with Matt and I ended up dancing to a great song with the flags waving. It started the night off with such a bang and was a total hit.

My advice is to not stress too much about the details of the wedding because it all ends up coming together. We were told the most important thing was that our guests truly felt the love and that two families were becoming one.