A Minimalist Approach to Bridal Fashion, No Matter Your Style
April 12, 2018
From layers and layers of tulle to dazzling, embroidered lace, and even labyrinthine beadwork (or sequins, if you're partial to those little bits of sparkle, like me), you can find any number of wedding dresses that are extra. The "Go Big or Go Home" mantra has certainly had its way as far as dress design is concerned. While that's all well and good, perhaps you find yourself desiring a more no-frills sort of approach to your dream dress: understated but show-stopping nonetheless.

If this sounds truer to form for you, we have good news! If you're looking for a ballgown or a slip dress, a minimalist, elegant aesthetic can be easily showcased, whether you're sending out boho vibes or are more of a traditional sort of bride-to-be. Driven by clean lines, a simple aesthetic, and, of course, the highest quality craftsmanship, these wedding dresses prove you can go minimalist, no matter your style.
Daring necklines and crisp angles will define for the more bold, avant-garde bride. Consider a dress with unexpected layering for an offbeat style that turns heads. The ultimate statement in chic.
For a more contemporary spin on classic white, unexpected texture might lead the way. A scalloped edge or high-low hemline brings a fresh, new take to the big day's dress, while also ensuring that the pared-back gown endures long past the wedding day.
Who says a princess gown has to be all sparkle and shine? A full skirt that's still light on layers can go a long way, especially when paired with more refined, monochromatic beadwork.
A traditional shape is one that will never get old. While lace is generally more delicate, its texture and intricacy can bring a polished sort of detailing to the forefront of the dress's design. Proving once again that you don't have to forfeit sophistication by embracing a minimalist approach to nuptial fashion.
Sweeping trains and vintage-inspired silhouettes might characterize the allure of what's become the glamorous style of bridal fashion. Perhaps let adornment take a back seat while the satin and silk do the talking; showcase the effect that structured composition and pristine fabrics can undeniably have on glamour.
Bohemian gowns are typically set apart by their commitment to all things flowy and unrestricted. As a staple in the market, these effortless, albeit unconventional dresses should still have their day to shine in a way that lets them do it all on their own.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Francesca Barger is a wedding enthusiast, freelance writer, marketer, and PR professional in the Midwest where, in the last several years, she's worked with companies from coast to coast. She's more city slicker than small town girl, a bon vivant with a penchant for celebrating life's little victories, like a dry cappuccino or a good hair day.