The Complete Guide to Hosting a Post-Wedding Brunch
April 10, 2018
You've poured over every detail of your big day... except for the morning after your wedding. Post-wedding brunches turn your event into a weekend-long celebration of you and your fiancé's love. But from the budget to the food to the guest list, a send-off quickly turns into one more wedding shindig to pay for and plan.

While it's certainly not mandatory for an impeccable wedding weekend, a morning-after brunch is the perfect way to show your guests a little gratitude and wrap-up the party before your honeymoon.
When to brunch
It's a nice gesture to say thank you to all of your guests that have traveled miles to see you say "I do," but is brunch really necessary? Ultimately, a send-off brunch is definitely not a must-do for every couple, but there are a few reasons why providing some morning munchies for family and friends might be a good idea.
If guest accommodations don't provide breakfast, your visitors will be hungry after a night of dancing and celebrating. Plus, if you're afraid that you won't have enough time to greet and catch-up with each of your guests during your reception, then it might be fun to host brunch the morning after to personally thank them for attending. You'll also get to relive all of your favorite moments and hear about some hilarious moments that you didn't witness when the memories are still fresh with all of your loved ones. While it might be one more to-do on your list of things to pull together before the big day, a brunch is an excellent opportunity for close family members, such as step-parents, to contribute to your wedding and alleviate some of the financial stress, too.
How to brunch
If you do decide to host a day-after wedding brunch, remember it doesn't have to be elaborate or complicated, despite the staged photos you see on Pinterest. From a simple coffee, juice, and donuts spread to an elegant buffet of foods and mimosas, what is served (and how it's decorated) is up to you and, of course, how much energy and money you have left after arranging your nuptials.

Traditionally, the couple or the bride's parents shell out the money for a post-wedding brunch. Some couples have smaller budgets than others to host a thank-you brunch after going all-out for the ceremony and reception, and that's ok! Morning-after brunches can be a casual get-together and do not need to be over-the-top to impress your family and friends. A couple of ways to stay within your price range include capping your guest list to only out-of-towners or to only immediate family members and the wedding party; or utilizing free or cheap event spaces like a park, a backyard, or the parking lot at the resort for some french toast grilled up by family friends.
Your time may be limited, so don't forget to assign tasks to those willing to help out with planning brunch. Delegate to groomsmen donut duties and to bridesmaids coffee pick-up from a local cafe. Close aunts and uncles may also offer to help pick up the slack and provide breakfast items to nosh on in the morning. You'll find just about all of your guests are willing to lend a hand to make sure your day and morning-after is picture perfect if you're able to delegate.

If you've decided to keep the celebration going by catering post-wedding brunch for family and friends, remember that it's your time to finally relax. Be available for hugs, chit-chat, and a cup of coffee before everyone heads home. After all, you've just put on the biggest party of your life–enjoy the last moments of your wedding weekend.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Ali Struhs is a freelance writer, blogger, and mama in Denver, Colorado. When not typing away on the computer, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors, rocking out at Red Rocks, snuggling her new baby, and chasing around her toddler.