We Wish This Wedding Feature Never Had To End - We Can't Stop Staring!
April 5, 2018
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This is one of those posts that I wanted to go on forever. I wanted to use every.single.one of Ether & Smith's photos because every single one is simply stunning. Look at this Bride and her ladies? Does it get any chicer!? And that's just the beginning. So it's no surprise we chose this celebration as our LBB Wedding of the Week; we're talking serious wedding goals here. Sit back and soak it all up!

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From the Bride... Jake and I met through a mutual friend when I was living in Boston. He had flown out to spend a few days visiting his high-school friend who I had gone to college with and on his last night there, my roommates had convinced me to go out with everybody- and I am so glad they did! Jake and I had that “love at first sight” kind of beginning. It didn’t make much sense as he was flying back to California the next day, but we had spent the whole night talking and for the first time I felt 100% sure this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. He left and we began our two and a half-year long distance relationship. I would fly out and spend a weekend with him here and there and he would come to me, but during this time he began his career in the Navy, making regular visits even harder. We thought if we could get through this we could get through anything - and then life threw us a curve ball. He found out he was going to be stationed in Japan for a year. We spent Christmas together with my family right before he left for Japan and that’s when he totally surprised me with a proposal! Planning a wedding while he was on the other side of the world definitely wasn’t the easiest of tasks, but it helped the time fly by. A little over a year later he was home and we were finally able to nail down a date (a short five months from that time) and my move out to Southern California. We both knew we wanted a wedding that was simple and intimate with meaningful and personal details. I think I can honestly say the biggest hit was my grandmother’s homemade fudge as our favors! We had all of our family and friends come and help us and celebrate and that really made the day so incredibly special! My advice would be to not get caught up in the little details that truly don’t matter. Soak in the day from beginning to end. Take time to catch your breath – look at your new husband and feel all the love from your friends and family that surround you as you begin this new journey.