Two Beautiful Brides and a Lucky Groom
April 5, 2018
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Joseph has a beautiful, seven-year-old daughter named, Lily, so when it came time to ask Jessica to join their family, he wanted to make sure Lily was included every step of the way. Not only was she an integral part of the proposal (read the cute story below!), Lily was also the "Junior Bride" at the wedding, complete with her own mini veil and a special daddy daughter dance at the reception. Joesph is one lucky guy with these two beauties, right!? This sweet act of love is a testament to just the kind of amazing people Joseph and Jessica are, so you better believe we are a pile of mush every time we look at Stephanie Brazzle's photos of their special day.
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Jessica and Joseph were classmates in their high school health class, but their story didn't really begin until about ten years later when they reconnected at a mutual friend's birthday dinner.

For their one year anniversary, Joseph planned a trip to Waco, Texas, for a weekend getaway to Fixer Upper's Harp House. After arriving at the Harp House, they FaceTimed Joseph's seven-year-old daughter, Lily, to give her a tour of the beautiful home. At the end of the tour, Lily asked Joseph, "Daddy, are you ready?" He replied, "Yes," and Lily then continued with, "Jessica, Daddy has something to ask you." Joseph, down on one knee, said, "One year ago, I asked you to be my girlfriend, and today I am asking you to be my wife. Jessica Dickinson, will you marry me?"

Their anniversary weekend continued with a day trip to the Texas Reds Steak and Grape festival in Jessica's hometown of Bryan, Texas, and a football game at her alma mater, Baylor University. 

The rustic elegant charm of The White Sparrow Barn in Quinlan, Texas, made it a dream venue for Jessica and Joseph's wedding day. The beautiful country landscape and the whitewashed wood walls were what they pictured as the perfect backdrop for their wedding ceremony and reception. Slate blue accents, mauve florals, and gold details were used throughout the barn to complete their vision of a day filled with romance, simplicity, and love.

What made this day even more special was becoming a family of three. It was important to both Jessica and Joseph to have Lily feel included in their wedding journey. From food and cake tasting to a bridal luncheon with the ladies, Lily was a part of this very special time for this couple. As Jessica's Junior Bride, Lily spent the day getting ready with the bride and bridesmaids and wore an ivory tulle and lace dress with her own veil. One of the most precious moments of the night was Joseph and Lily's dance to Paul Simon's "Father and Daughter."