9 Summer Wedding Drinks + Desserts to Keep Your Guests Cool
April 3, 2018
A wedding cake is a classic, but definitely not mandatory! On a hot summer's evening, not everyone is going to want to indulge in a heavy piece of cake! So we're here to give you four ideas for alternatives that will keep your guests cool, and their sweet tooths satisfied!

Here are nine ideas for summer wedding desserts to bring a little something different to your big day.

Ice cream bar
Let guests choose their own toppings at an ice cream bar. Lay out a few different flavors, as well as different types of candy, sauce, and sprinkles. Guests can go to town and create something they'll actually enjoy eating! From soft serve to sorbet to gelato, you can really customize this to suit your reception!

Ice cream cake
If you've always dreamed of a stunning wedding cake, you can still have one — but consider making it an ice cream cake. Alternatively, ask your baker and caterer to keep your wedding cake chilled in the refrigerator so when it's time to cut and serve, the cake will be cool but not frozen!

Having a coffee bar post-dinner? Raise the (coffee) bar with an affogato treat! Or, offer cold drink options, like blended or iced lattes.

Cheesecake is a cool, refreshing alternative to a typical wedding cake. Order several small cakes in a variety of flavors and let your guests pick and choose their favorites.

A summer favorite, this is a classic treat that is affordable and comes in a variety of flavors! Ideal for a big, outdoor, wedding, where each guest can grab their own treat still dance the night away! Try matching the colors of the popsicles the rest of your decor for full wedding cohesion.

A meringue, by definition, is a dessert made of whipped egg whites and sugar and can take a few different forms. If you're trying to incorporate an easy, light treat into the dessert table, go for some flavourful macarons! If you want the meringue to have the attention it deserves, go for mini pavlovas, topped with fresh cream and an array of berries!

Fruit Salad
A slightly healthier dessert option, a fruit salad is a classic that is guilt-free and still tasty! You can customize this to suit you and your groom's favorite fruits and match the color scheme of the wedding as well! Keep the fruit chilled before serving for an added coolness factor after dinner.

Chocolate Mousse
For all your chocolate-obsessed friends and family, individual chocolate mousse cups are going to set your wedding apart from the rest! A thick and creamy treat perfect after a filling meal, chocolate mousse is a classy way to upgrade from a traditional cake, and keep your guests feeling cool on a hot summer night!

Jump on the newest trend, frosé (frozen rosé) for an unexpected treat during cocktail hour! Or, go for a touch of childhood whimsy and create a non-alcoholic slushie station!  Probably the best alternative to straight-up ice cream and guests can easily choose their flavors. There is little to no prep work for a slushie and literally, everyone loves them. Everyone.

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