A Rustic Boho Beauty That Makes Us Dream of Mountain Weddings
April 3, 2018
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Beautifully boho, bursting with rustic romance, with the majestic mountains in the background; this Colorado wedding shines bright in every one of Emily Sacco's photos and dances with absolute joy in Happy Together Films work below. It's these sorts of celebrations that make my job oh so wonderful every single day. Get comfy because you're going to want to really take your time with this gem...
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From Happy Together Films... Last July we had an amazing experience in the US. We were the videographers of Mimi and Colin's wedding in Gold Lake Event Center.

Mimi and Colin are a very outgoing couple, that were raised in Colorado, travelled all over the world and now live in Europe, in Switzerland.

Their wedding had a vibrant feeling with deep dark reds and yellows, warm tones in a very boho/rustic mood. They love nature and they felt at home in the middle of the mountains.

The scenery was breath taking (and yes, the low oxygen was too)! The mountains were the best backdrop we ever had in a symbolic ceremony.

From the Bride and Groom...

How would you describe your wedding day?
The weekend was a great mix of ambience and style - a mountain wedding near Boulder and traditional Ethiopian wedding in Denver.

How did you meet?
We met on the dance floor of a local club in DC. Mimi went to see a friend DJ and found Colin dancing on his own. Both being tall, it was easy to catch each other's eyes over the crowd on the dance floor. We have been dancing together ever since!

Tell us about the proposal?
A surprise stop at Château de la Roche on the road from Geneva to a quaint, little town near Lyon. Colin suggested a walk by the river and found a cliff to propose to Mimi.

What made you decide to get married where you did?
We both have connections in Colorado, although neither of us have lived there very long. It was nice to find a common place to celebrate with family and friends, with similar scenery to our home in the Swiss Alps.

How was the wedding planning experience?
There was so much to plan from a distance, living in Geneva didn't help. We had over a year to plan, but were constantly feeling busy. With a few personal trips to Colorado, it worked out well. We also had a wedding planner for the first wedding and Mimi's family help with the second wedding.

Where did you find inspiration for your wedding style?
Pinterest and friends with similar taste in colors and whimsical vibes

Who was your dress by and what did you love about it?
Pronovias. It was a fairy tale dress that went well with the natural ambience of the mountains.

Any DIY details?
We love hot sauce and found a great recipe but got some help with making all 200 bottles.

What were your special moments or highlights of the day?
Spending two nights in cabins, kayaking and hanging out on the lake with our friends, reading our own vows, the rain pouring when we were getting ready but stopping when the ceremony started, Mimi walking down the aisle with her dad.

What advice would you give any other couples about planning their big day, or any tips for the day itself?
Enjoy the process! The planning pays off when you see it come to life.

How was you experience with the videographers?
When we visited them in Lisbon, they greeted us like old friends even though we had just met. We loved working with Happy Together. They were super nice and easy going. They also had the energy to do both wedding days back-to-back. We hope to see them again soon!