Colorful Balloons, Dancing + Endless Love: This Is The Best!
April 2, 2018
Tri State
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How amazing, fun and fabulous is this wedding!? I'm at a loss for words to describe the joy that radiates from Cynthia Chung's photos of this NYC celebration. Two families came together when Jess and Arc said "I do" and the result? Dancing, super personalized details, and endless amounts of love and laughter... evident in every one of these pics in our gallery! Dive in right this way!
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From Cynthia Chung Photography... Everything about this wedding was amazing! I loved how the families of both the bride and groom - two completely different cultures - were able to fuse together and throw one hell of a dance party! Jess and Arc are two people that love having a great time and bringing their communities together and it was SO very apparent throughout the entire wedding! Dance seemed to be a very special bond between the two, and my highlights of the day was when they spent some time dancing to the music of a street acapella group in the West Village, and when Arc (the groom)'s mother decided to initiate Jess into the 'family' with their special family traditional dance... It was AWESOME to see. Everyone had a great time that night, old and young!!

From the Bride... We wanted somewhere convenient where our family and friends could all gather to celebrate the journey the two of us have been on and were willing to commit to for the rest of our lives. After dating for seven years, we weren't looking to make a huge fuss and didn't really have much of a vision, which quickly led us to selecting a restaurant as a location. We had also been to over 12 weddings in 2016 and knew we wanted to personalize everything as much as possible as it wouldn't be so "Insert Bride + Groom here". From our hand-drawn portraits to the Brazilian bom boms (my favorite dessert) - we tried to infuse the wedding with "us". I think the most sentimental thing about the whole day was the people who were there to share in our memory with us... And of course the groom :) Everything else could easily have been replaced or removed and I would have been equally as happy!
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