This Wedding Will Never, Ever Go Out Of Style
March 30, 2018
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Fifty years from now, when this couple looks back on their wedding photos by Kayla Yestal, they won't be able to tell if their big day took place decades ago or just a couple days before. Their rustic elegant touches and romantic details are absolutely timeless. They were beautiful on their special summer day in 2017 and will be in 2067, no doubt about it. Get ready to get inspired and jot down these stylish timeless notes right this way...
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From the Bride... Between the speeches, the dancing, and even the early morning swim in the pond our dog Simba took that messed up his blow-dry, every single part of our wedding day was beyond what I could have imagined.

When planning, my husband Josh and I tried to inject a little something special and keep things unique to us. Little did I know that all of these efforts would end up making it the absolute best day of our lives!

We wanted a classic, elegant and timeless wedding, and didn't want anything trendy so we shied away from most colours and any sort of themes. Instead, we took cues from how we live as a couple. Josh loves hiking and the great outdoors so we knew we wanted to get married outdoors somehow. We also had guests flying in from Singapore who had never experienced a Canadian summer so the picturesque setting at Belcroft Estates was the obvious choice for us when we were searching for a wedding venue.

Playing off of the venue itself, we decided on whites, ivories, and greens as the colour palette for our decor. I grew up in Singapore so we had the bar serve Singapore Slings all night. Josh is Jewish and loves carpentry so he built the Chuppah that we got married under from scratch! It was beautiful and so special that we got married under the Chuppah that he built with his own hands. Even more special that our two fur babies walked down the aisle with us. Our golden retriever Simba helped with the proposal so it was only fitting that he was the official ring bearer for the ceremony!

There are so many things that we are especially thankful for while looking back on our planning process. If I could give brides any advice while they’re planning their day, I’d definitely emphasize how important it is to engage a skillful and amazing photographer like Kayla Yestal who can capture the beauty and essence of your wedding day that you may treasure in years to come. I cannot stress how important it is to pick the right photographer who shares the same style and aesthetic as you do. Do your research and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions and meet with different photographers to get a sense of their style and work ethic!

We realized through the planning process that a few things were at the top of our priority list. Food and music were super important to us, so hiring the right catering team to leave our guests happy was one of our highest considerations. We also made sure that our talented band entertained us the whole night and the dance floor was never empty! I wanted to make sure that neither of us were running around keeping things in order, so I definitely recommend to hire a wedding planner or a day coordinator at the very least. It felt so nice to be able to relax and enjoy everything that we worked so hard to plan for!

Besides all of the carefully planned details, by far the absolute standout of our day was enjoying the reception with our family and friends. My Singaporean family has been friends with a dear 92 year old lady (we call her Dolly) and her family for over 30 years. This long distance friendship spanning over three decades is remarkable given the lack of high speed communication and technology in those days! They were of course invited to the wedding and knowing that Josh's favourite dessert is pie, Dolly baked fruit pies and other goodies that we could serve as late-night dessert. Finally, one of my bridesmaids sang one of her parents' favourite classic Mandarin songs, accompanied by the band, during the dinner reception as a tribute to my parents and family members who flew in for the wedding.

But if we really had to pick a favourite part it was probably our first dance where we danced to "Love Me Tender" and our friends and family danced around us in the courtyard under the stars! We both love that song. We used to play it for each other at night before we went to bed and it was so meaningful to us as our first dance song.

Enjoy the day and don't sweat the small stuff. Even if something doesn't go according to plan - laugh it off! No one will even notice - trust me! Your wedding day is probably the only good excuse for you to gather all of your loved ones together in one place for one day. Make good use of that precious time! At the end of the night, Josh and I drove back to our hotel deliriously happy that we got to spend one of the happiest days of our lives with our loved ones.