Are Greenhouse Celebrations the New Barn Wedding?
March 30, 2018
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Sometimes the most out of the ordinary venues provide the most stunning backdrops. The Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm is a shining example. With ocean views, flowers and plants at every turn and a greenhouse perfect for celebrating, this wedding is laidback elegance at its finest. With King Protea infused florals by Tyler Speier Events and image after sun-filled image captured by Jodee Debes, you will be hopping on the greenhouse bandwagon by the end of this post. Guaranteed.
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Sarah and Darren had a romantic wedding in their new chosen hometown of Santa Barbara, CA at the hidden gem, Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm. The two met in San Francisco although Sarah is a Pennsylvania native and Darren is originally from South Africa. Both families traveled across the world to witness the joyful celebration of their wedding ceremony set on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The bride wore a form-fitting dress and carried a bouquet made by the talented Tyler Speier who incorporated the national South African flower, Protea. Tyler eloquently tied these flowers into the decor of the reception space as well as natural greenery, pears, cream linens and gold flatware. The reception held within the grand greenhouse was the perfect setting for these two to carry on the celebrations. The night was brought to an end with Darren getting up on stage and serenading Sarah with a song that he had written for her. This is still one of the most heartfelt moments I've witnessed at a wedding.