20 Kitchen Basics Every Newlywed Couple Needs
March 30, 2018
You may have spent your entire dating life eating out for every. single. meal, but trust us: the moment you tie the knot, nesting mode totally kicks in. That means saying goodbye to those nightly meet-ups at your fave restaurant and hello to home-cooked goodness in your new dining room. But you can't channel your inner Martha Stewart sans the right tools, so we're turning to Wayfair Registry to make sure your kitchen is on-par with the essentials. Plus, they have an amazing list of benefits, like free shipping, a 10% off completion discount, free returns, customizable lists AND registry specialists, so that's extra awesome.

1. A Tea Pot

Every fabulous morning starts with a nice cup of tea or coffee, so investing in a really great tea pot is definitely key. Plus, they always make your kitchen look so, so pretty. Our pick? This one from kate spade will add a sweet pop of color.   

2. A Utensil Set

You can keep digging around in every drawer for the right spoon, or you can register for a utensil set that will make everything that much easier. We vote the latter. Our pick? You can never go wrong with a bamboo kitchen tools from Wayfair, friends.

3. A Utensil Crock

Once you have those utensils, you'll need a place to store them and when it comes to choosing a utensil crock, the prettier, the better. (It will sit on your counter, after all.) Our pick? This one is marble, so you know it's going to make a statement.

4. A Spoon Rest

And as long as we're finding the perfect spot to store your utensils, let's add in a spoon rest, too. You'll never realize how much you needed one until you have it. Our pick? We're all for the marble, and this one mixes in a little Acacia wood, too.

5. A Coffee Pot

We probably don't need to tell you why this is important, because, well... coffee makes the world go 'round. We're all for registering for an amazing coffee pot, so you and your love can take time to catch up in the am, rather than standing in line at the coffee stand. Our pick? This Cuisinart beauty is programmable, so you'll have a fresh cup of jo waiting every. single. morning.

6. A Canister Set

Whether you've been baking your heart out since forever, or you're just getting started, a great canister set makes all of the difference. It keeps that sugar, flour, etc. handy while whipping up that banana bread AND makes a pretty statement piece, to boot. Our pick? We said statement piece, and these ceramic jars from Wayfair are IT.

7. Measuring Cups

These might not be glamorous, but if you've been using a drinking cup to measure out your ingredients (been there, done that), it's time to register for the real deal. Our pick? These Le Creuset beauts are so professional, you should have your own tv show.

8. Measuring Spoons

Ditto on the above, but this time with a table spoon. Our pick? This set is sleek AND stainless steel, so you can't go wrong.

9. An Oven Mitt and Potholder

We're big fans of a cute oven mitt and potholder set, because they always, always come in handy and are also a super sweet addition to your kitchen. Our pick? This set is all pretty florals and mint hues and we love it.  

10. A Dutch Oven

From cooking up roasts to baking up your fave dessert, a dutch oven will quickly become your go-to for all things in the kitchen. Registering for one of these babies is basically a must - and you'll love the versatility it gives you for all of those dinner parties you and your love will be hosting. Our pick? The Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Oven, of course.  

11. A Vase 

We obviously believe that no room in the house is complete without a beautiful arrangement of flowers, and the kitchen is certainly no exception. Try it - it's like a little ray of sunshine every morning. Our pick? This kate spade beauty from Wayfair for its simple, yet lovely aesthetic.

12. A Cutting Board

You can't have breakfast or brunch without a side of fresh fruit, so we're all for finding the perfect cutting board to get you through every meal with ease. Our pick? This sleek board has non-slip edges, so it stays in place while you prep.

13. A Knife Set

Newlywed life means giving away those mismatched cutlery item and really investing in some pieces that will last a lifetime. Our pick? This stainless steel set from Wusthof for its easy grip and maintainability.

14. A Serving Tray

Once you slice up those yummy treats, you need a cute way to serve them, because finding an amazing serving tray is always the first step to impressing your guests. Our pick? You can't go wrong with pineapples, you guys, and this Lenox piece is all sorts of fun.

15. Kitchen Towels

It's the little things that make a difference and having durable towels on hand will make everything that much easier in the kitchen. Bonus points if they're absolutely stunning. Our pick? We mentioned we love pineapples, right?

16. A Pan Set

No one tells you just how amazing a "real" pan set can be, so we're letting you in on the secret: scrap those mismatched ones from college and register for the real deal. Your kitchen life will change for the better, we promise. Our pick? This 5-piece stainless steel pan set from Wayfair is giving us all the feels.

17. Jar Candle

Seems simple, but once you create that amazing meal, you'll want to set the mood with a little candlelight and a sweet scent filling your abode. Which means you'll need some candles. Our pick? Gardenias for the win, y'all.

18. Salt Cellar

It's one of those things you didn't know you needed until you can't live without it, but trust us on this one: a salt cellar will streamline your cooking life in ways you didn't think possible. Our pick? Marble gets us every. single. time.

19. Lazy Susan

We know what you're thinking - a Lazy Susan is for your parents. But you honestly couldn't be more wrong. Add this to your registry for a convenient way to pass the condiments at dinner, or a beautiful centerpiece in your kitchen for herbs and such. Our pick? This one from Wayfair is amazing.

20. Salt & Pepper Shaker

It's back to the basics with two tools you most certainly can't do without - salt and pepper shakers. But don't just grab a couple from the grocery store - we suggest registering for a pretty duo that will really impress your guests. Our pick? These kate spade pretties, because they are just that cool.
Whether you're planning the next great dinner party or simply tackling breakfast for you and your hubs, registering for the right kitchen basics is key. These are the tools you'll use on the daily, and you never, ever want to be lost without the right coffee pot. Wayfair Registry makes it so, so easy with their aforementioned benefits - and they literally have everything you'll ever need for your kitchen (and more). Plus, you don't have to be afraid of registering for those larger or more expensive items (we all deserve an upgrade, right?), because they offer Group Gifting. It just doesn't get easier, you guys.

To check out all of our registry picks and even more kitchen essentials, visit our curated shop at Wayfair.