Setting the Perfect Table: How to Layer Textures + Patterns With BBJ Linen
March 29, 2018
Want in on a wedding planning style secret? Linens, all their pieces – runners, place mats, napkins, and more – are often the magic touch you need to take an ordinary wedding and bump it up several beautiful notches. Not sure where to start? Well, the folks at BBJ Linen were kind enough to share some insider info on what to do to boost the design of your big day. Read on for all their inspiring ideas!
Photography: Kearsten Taylor

Use different decor pieces to create layered, rich, and textured looks. Think linens, runners, overlays, place mats, napkins, etc. Try out a solid linen as a base, then add a lace overlay, a metal or marble place mat, then finish the setting with a light and airy napkin.
Photography: Stephanie Brazzle

Just like you layer accent pillows in your home decor to add character to a space, you can use multiples of the same items to create a unique look for your table setting. Experiment with two table runners, adding overlays over linen, or pairing patterned and solid napkins.
Photography: Mikkel Paige

Try single-colored fabrics but in varying textures for a chic, streamlined look. We love faille linens with matching velvet napkins!
Photography: Heather Waraksa

Mismatched patterns all the way! We're all for pairing stripes with sequins, florals with polka dots, or marble with herringbone.
Photography: Tenth and Grace

Take advantage of centerpieces and garland to help elevate the look of your table with their colors and textures, too. A garland of greenery on top of an airy runner is so light and fresh while still feeling elegant!
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