5 Ways To Avoid Stress on Your Wedding Morning
March 21, 2018
I don't think I've met one couple who didn't encounter at least one stressful situation during their wedding planning process, or their wedding day for that matter! Murphy's law—you'll most likely have at least one snafu. But if you've got a great attitude and do your best to prepare, you'll have an incredible day regardless. But let's talk wedding morning... that is absolutely NOT a time to be stressing! Here are five easy ways to avoid stress and start your Big Day off right.

Get Ready Solo

While getting ready with your bridesmaids can be SO much fun—it can also be stressful if you've got a big group. From unwanted advice (there's always that one person) to questions being asked to hair and makeup... things can get a little crazy. I personally chose to begin getting ready by myself, followed by spending an hour and half with my sister (who was my matron of honor) and then asked the rest of my girls to join us about an hour before the wedding for the final touches and a glass of bubbly. It was such a pleasant way to spend those getting ready moments.

Throw Traditions Out the Door

We all know of the superstition that it’s bad luck to see your fiancé the day of the wedding—but, first looks have sort of crushed that! Then, there's the tradition where couples stay in separate rooms the night before the wedding. But does that really make sense if you already cohabitate (and have already done the deed)? Keep stress levels low by doing things how you usually do them. If sleeping in the same room makes you at ease, throw that old tradition out the door and hop into bed with your babe!

Practice Your Vows

Public speaking is a big stressor for many people—so it makes complete sense that most are nervous about their vows! Whether you're doing custom vows or not, it's always a good idea to do a run through the morning of and helps release a bit of the pressure.

Delegate Everything Day-Of

The last thing you want to deal with on your wedding morning is a slew of questions... from vendors, wedding guests, your bridal party. Delegate someone in your bridal party, or a close family member or friend you trust who can be that go-to person for final details. Putting your trust in that person allows you to full soak in every moment of your well-deserved Big Day! It also helps to create a day-of timeline (something an event planner can help with, too) and hand it out to all vendors involved and any other people you delegate tasks to.

Have a Back Up Plan

One of the biggest things couples worry about when planning their wedding: the weather. Whether you're having an indoor or outdoor ceremony, rain can put a huge damper on things. Make sure to have a solid back up plan, so you won't be scrambling the day of to figure out logistics. Most venues will help you come up with a game plan, too. Having that backup option will allow you to let go and feel confident that rain or shine, you and your loved ones will have an incredible day.