6 Ideas for a Totally Chill Bachelorette Party
March 18, 2018
The cliché bachelorette party involves club hopping, gaudy (and even embarrassing) accessories, and recovering the day after from dancing all night. We're completely exhausted just thinking about a rowdy night out with the girls right before the big day.

If an all-nighter isn't up your alley, plan a unique ba-chill-orette party! From sunning poolside to squeezing in a workout, here are six ways to unwind and celebrate with your bridesmaids.

Chill out by the pool
Spend a day "chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool" by the pool with your gal pals. Whether you have a friend who has a pool or you book a hotel with a pool, a bachelorette pool party is a swimmingly good idea to make a splash, especially when combined with delectable poolside treats, such as chips and guacamole and wine spritzers, fun pool floats, and matching sunhats for everyone in the wedding party.

Tiptoe through the garden
Stop and smell the roses at a quaint garden party with finger sandwiches, tiny treats and afternoon tea. Ideal for any introverted bride, a garden party-themed bachelorette is a peaceful way to spend the day with your friends in the sunshine and flowers.

Plan a flower-arranging fête
Planning on DIY bouquets and centerpieces? Learn how to artfully arrange flowers with your crew and make it fun, too! For about $75 per person, a florist will provide all of the necessary materials needed to put together a fragrant arrangement with detailed instruction, including how to make your blooms last longer. Search for floral design classes in your area for a low-key ladies' night.

Wind down at the spa
Wedding planning on top of day-to-day life can be totally stressful, so treat yourself and your bridesmaids to a calming day at the spa. Pamper your girl squad with manis, pedis, facials, and, of course, cute matching robes.

Get your creative and grape juices flowing
What better way to celebrate pending nuptials than by getting in touch with your inner-Picasso with a glass of wine and a palette of paints? Book a night of learning to paint with your bridesmaids at a canvas and cocktails studio. An instructor will guide you and your friends step-by-step through the night's featured painting as you sip wine. Plus, you'll get to take home your masterpiece!

Tone up with a barre class
A combination of dance, yoga, and Pilates, barre fitness classes tone, sculpt and work every muscle–a perfect and relaxing opportunity to get wedding day ready with your friends. This chill workout is on point for any bachelorette party when followed up by coffee and gabbing with your girls after class.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Ali Struhs is a freelance writer, blogger, and mama in Denver, Colorado. When not typing away on the computer, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors, rocking out at Red Rocks, snuggling her new baby, and chasing around her toddler.