20 Things No Wedding Guest Should EVER Do
March 16, 2018
So you got invited to a wedding! There are some unspoken rules that all wedding guests should follow. We've listed them out below so you can sidestep a major faux-pas—you can thank us later. If you're thinking about doing one of these things...just don't.
Don't do this before the wedding...
1. Text the couple non-stop with any minor question that pops into your head regarding their wedding
Check the wedding website, ask the MOH or best man, ask other guests, but don't ask the couple. They have enough to worry about.

2. Complain to the couple about how expensive travel is going to be
Chances are they're paying a lot more for their wedding so they don't want to hear it.

3. Ask them what they want for a gift
They made a registry for a reason. Use it!

4. Request a plus-one
If only your name is on the invitation then you don't get a plus-one. Period.

5. Make a special seating request
Seating charts are hard, especially if there's family politics involved, so there's no need to make things more complicated.

6. Ask if they're going to be in the wedding party
Can we say awkward?

7. Wait until the last minute to RSVP
Respect the couple and get your reply card in well before date listed on the invitation

During the wedding, don't even think about doing this...
8. Complain about the decor / music / venue / anything at all about the wedding
The couple worked hard to make this a perfect day so keep your negative comments to yourself.

9. Get sloppy drunk
Don't you want to remember the event?

10. Ignore the dress code
Adhere to whatever the invitation or website says. If you're confused you can ask the MOH, best man or any other friends who have attended weddings to clarify. Always err on the side of formal when you're unsure.

11. Disrupt the ceremony with obnoxious shouting or cheering
Ruining a sentimental moment is incredibly rude and will not make you a popular wedding guest.

12. Make a speech unless you've been asked beforehand
If you weren't asked by the bride or groom to speak, then it's not your place. You can write them a nice note with their gift if you want to express your excitement for the couple.

13. Be rude to the vendors
The couple chose these specific vendors for a reason so there's no need to start unnecessary drama.

14. Bring your gift to the wedding (unless it's a cash gift, always mail it to the newlyweds home)
Showing up with a huge blender is tacky and inconvenient for the couple. Now they have to figure out how to lug it home, especially if it's a destination wedding. |

15. Say "well at my wedding..."
This day is about the couple getting married, not you

16. Sit on your phone the entire time.
Get up and dance, or at least mingle with other guests if you're not a big dancer.

After the wedding, please don't...
17. Bug them about where your thank-you note is
Relax, they'll get to it.

18. Give their wedding a rating
This isn't TLC's Four Weddings

19. Tell them what they could have done differently
They don't want to hear it.

20. Complain about a guest that was at the wedding
They obviously mean a lot to the newlyweds and they don't want to hear negative things about the people they love.

Style Me Pretty Contributor – Sarah Title is a travel & wedding writer and editor living in Washington D.C. She also works part-time at a bridal salon in Georgetown helping women find the perfect dress. When she isn't working, you can find her at the closest oyster bar enjoying a glass of rose or catching up on the latest celebrity gossip.