Riding Off Into the Sunset in a Baby Blue Thunderbird
March 16, 2018
Al FrescoRanch
For these college sweethearts, who's love story is as sweet and romantic as they come, a wedding overlooking the hills of Malibu was the perfect way to celebrate "I Do". Edible florals and Marie Antoinette's summer hamlet were the inspiration for this blushing alfresco affair planned by Smith + James Events, with florals by Heirloom Design House and the most gorgeous confectionery piece of art crafted by Frost It Cakery. And we can't forget that baby blue getaway car. See it all unfold through the lens of Sally Pinera.
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Katie and Colton are a great example of an all-American story of young love, reminiscent of the golden fifties when people met in college, fell in love at the malt shoppe, and married young. They grew up on opposite sides of the country: she's a pageant winner and special-needs dance/photography teacher from Pensacola, Florida, and he's a decorated athlete from San Diego, California. Fortunately, they both chose to attend Baylor University in Waco, Texas to receive their college educations. Colton would play volleyball. They first met freshman year in a 24-hour diner. Their first date was with a group at the roller skating rink. Colton remembers that she was wearing a pink sweater and a ponytail and that's when his heart first skipped a beat. They held hands to make sure they "wouldn't fall." They spent their first Valentine's day at the zoo. They became inseparable.

Their junior year of college, they started talking about the possibility of getting married during a family vacation with Katie's family in Florida.He planned to propose over New Years at a Civil War Fort on a Naval Base in Pensacola when a large storm hit and the fort was evacuated. Colton remembers being stuck in the gift shop while th e tornado sirens were going off with the ring in his pocket. Katie had no idea what was coming. Although Colton had gotten the park rangers in on his plan, they were not able to sneak them back into the fort for the proposal because all the lighting had been shut off, so they had to seek out the only area still lit and Colton finally got down on one knee. Katie was ecstatic. It certainly made for a memorable story.

Wedding planning started right away. They decided to have a destination wedding in Malibu, California. They hired a planner in California, Tory Smith, and selected their dream venue (which they found online), Le Dome at Saddlerock Ranch, without ever seeing it in person! Katie knew she wanted something polished but bohemian, with a playful nod to Le hameau de la reine, Marie Antoinette's summer hamlet at Versailles. The whole day was planned with young, playful, lighthearted whimsy. Katie loved the idea of edible flowers and wanted them included everywhere possible: from the catering, to the cake, to the rose and marigold-flavored lollipop favors. Katie wanted everything to feel fun, relaxed, and youthful.

Seven months later on a sunny day in August, they gathered with their closest friends and family to be married. Guests were served champagne as they arrived to the hilltop venue. The ceremony was heartfelt and full of happy tears. The escort display was a selection of bud vases filled with garden roses for each guest to enjoy. The centerpieces were "living garlands" seeming to be blooming out of the table itself. Guests dined under a pink sky as the sun was setting and then joined the dance party under twinkle lights filling the surrounding trees. The newlyweds' grand exit was through a tunnel of guests tossing lavender buds as they climbed into their baby blue 1957 Thunderbird and drove off into the night.