5 Simple Ways To Make Your Wedding Feel More Personal
March 14, 2018
The best way to make your wedding stand out among the rest? Pretty decor helps for sure. But more importantly are those little personal touches that make you and your guests smile—the full-of-heart details that go beyond a beautiful bouquet or a designer dress and give your wedding it's heart beat. Read below for five truly meaningful ways to do just that!

Include Your Fur Babies

Pets are like family, so (if they're well behaved) why not include them in your Big Day? From ring bearers to cocktail hour greeters, they're sure to be a hit with guests of all ages.

Play Wedding Songs of Married Guests

A truly special way to make your guests feel warm and cozy? Play wedding songs of couple's who are already married! A couple of our friends did this for us (and other guests) at their wedding and it was the sweetest personal touch!

Turn Up the Volume

Make sure your guests can actually hear your vows! I've been to too many ceremonies where I simply could not hear the vows. It might cost a little extra to get proper sound equipment, but it's so worth it—those vows are what your wedding are all about.

Family Style Seating

Don't feel like messing with a round table seating chart? Opting for lengthy, family style seating tables is a great way to allow more guests to mingle and get to know one another—and makes your reception feel like you're right at home!

Game Time

Cocktails aren't the only way to loosen up at cocktail hour—incorporate fun yard games that you love to play at home!