5 Minimalist-Inspired Wedding Cake Design Ideas
March 11, 2018
More and more couples are opting to let their 'couple style' take the lead, paring down over the top traditions and fine-tuning a more elegant, minimalist aesthetic for everything from flowers to guest lists and what's oft become the reception's main event: the cake! Let subtlety take the lead by ushering in a dessert course full of good taste (pun intended, of course), yet satisfyingly low key.

These tiered cakes, while anything but simple, don't have to do much by way of decoration to prove that less might actually be more. When attempting to achieve that wow factor on the level of simplicity, let these tips serve as a starting place for inspiration.

Focus on Texture
Nothing says "Dig in!" like a cake that's frosted to perfection. By putting the emphasis on decoration that marks high on the texture scale, you're able to keep things simple and monochromatic, but still appealing to the eyes.

Top It Off
Cake toppers are a fun way to add a pop of color to otherwise uncomplicated tower of layers. A toast to the new Mrs. & Mrs., the old school bride and groom, a witty little banner, or even a fun saying are just a few of the ways to put a new spin on a more traditionally classic wedding cake design.

Tie It Up
While they mightnever ever make it into a full-fledged bow, the simplicity of a single strand of ribbon--in your wedding hue, no less--is a nominalist dream. Bonus: while chic and refined, that length of velvet can pay a bit of cheeky homage to the real celebration of 'tying the knot'!

Let It Bloom
Flowers for cake decoration is nothing new. Keeping it easy with a stem or two gives your cake that effortless vibe, and will highlight the way the flowering accents complement the all-white confection!

Change It Up
Keep things interesting by steering away from the standard look of wedding cake shapes. Opt for thinner and wider layers for a surprising structure that catches your eye and showcases clean, minimal lines or skip the towers all together and let the cake really have its day with a bevy of its similarity decorated friends.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Francesca Barger is a wedding enthusiast, freelance writer, marketer, and PR professional in the Midwest where, in the last several years, she's worked with companies from coast to coast. She's more city slicker than small town girl, a bon vivant with a penchant for celebrating life's little victories, like a dry cappuccino or a good hair day.