See the Start of a New Chapter in This Beautiful Love Story
March 8, 2018
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“Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read, which goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.” This C.S. Lewis quote was the inspiration for today's gorgeous feature, planned by A Very Beloved Wedding, and just like a good book, we cannot "put down" this love story. From the guest book to the seating arrangement, each detail of this Vienna wedding is straight out of an epic romance, and we're so lucky Ashley Ludaescher and Sequence Five captured it to share with all of us.
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From A Very Beloved Wedding... The couple is the inspiration. Jodi and Thomas had a long, bonding friendship before they realized it was love. They created and now hold an intimate, honest, fun, true, and natural relationship. Together they are the best versions of themselves.

A few words to describe their wedding: historic, organic, true, natural, honest, fun, simple, elegant, accomplice in life, sharing, green, beginning of a lifelong together, a new chapter. Jodi and Thomas's wedding reminds of the importance and timeless beauty of books and words. Theme that was recurrent throughout the entire wedding. The color palette includes shades of green, grey, earthy tones, blush, and stronger pinks with a bit of yellow and browns.

Schloß Eckartsau is a historical palace situated not too far from Vienna, in the southern Marchfeld region. The palace itself is simple yet elegant and romantic surrounded by beautiful garden architecture and sceneries. The ceremony took place in the woods with the palace in the background, surrounded by nature. There was no artificial arch, but an organic looking garland of greens and flowers as if it would be coming out of the tree. Two urns with flowers and greens were placed at the beginning of the aisle. Guests sat on wooden chairs and tree trunks. Everything was kept organic and in flow with nature. When guests arrived, we handed over a stationery piece. The C. S. Lewis inspirational quote was printed on one side and the dinner area on the other side: Prologue, Story, or Epilogue. Left to the couple, there was a table with wine and 6 wine glasses. An area of remembering the loved ones was placed close to the ceremony with a candle and a stationery piece on a wood branch. The rings were presented in an antique glass box.

After the ceremony, the guests were guided to the ballroom – the artful and historic part of the evening. The dinner area was closed and kept as a surprise. The first toast took place in the ballroom, where baroque antique furniture, flower arrangements, greens, and leaf branches were organically placed. During the cocktail hour, a typewriter on several books was displayed next to the guest book as well as feathers for writing. Displayed was this message: “Your words are part of our story.” The cake was displayed and served during cocktail on an antique wooden table. The cake was a vegan cake, decorated with organic flowers and greens, placed on an antique table in the main salon.

The reception dinner took place in the inner patio of the palace. The table area at the entrance is the Prologue, the couple was the Story meaning the table in the middle, and the third table area near the exit was the Epilogue. Organic and natural tones of centerpieces were displayed along the middle of the tables. On each sand colored linen napkin which was arranged as an old reading tape fabric, we placed the menu with Jodi and Thomas's logo and the name of the guest. Light bulbs were hung across the area, and candles were floating in the middle fountain to create a romantic ambience.

After dinner, the guests moved to the party at the entrance hall of the palace. The giveaways, which were small Schnaps bottles, were presented on an antique table for the guests to grab before leaving. This is the perfect end of the beginning of a story.