6 Tips for Stopping Wedding Day Stage Fright
March 5, 2018
Your wedding day is all about you and that means all eyes are on you (and your future spouse, too). Managing those palm-sweating, voice-shaking, and nerve-wracking, but special and life-changing, moments, like your vows and your first dance, can be a challenge, even for those who aren't so shy.

Sure, you could totally imagine all of your guests in their underwear to calm your anxiety, but that could be an awkward memory from your big day you'd want to quickly forget. Instead, here are six real tips for stopping stage fright on your wedding day.

Try traditional vows
Major props to those couples who are brave enough to recite personalized vows. But if you know that you might stumble and stutter through your words of commitment, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with repeating after your officiant. "For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer" are classic, tried-and-true vows that are perfect for any bashful couple.

Shorten your first dance
Two left feet? Consider taking dance lessons together before the big day, or simply sway back-and-forth like at a middle school dance to a song that is short and sweet. It's also possible to trim your first dance song to a manageable time with easy-to-use software. And most importantly, rather than focusing on your peering audience, lock eyes with your now official dance partner for life, because in this moment, nothing else matters.

Surround yourself with support
Share your biggest day with all of your best friends who have been there for you through it all. Including more of your family and friends in your bridal party not only gives you the feeling of more support, but it also helps shine the spotlight on others throughout your wedding day—from your vows to your reception.

Minimize toasts
A simple "thank you" is easy enough, even for the most modest bride. Don't overcomplicate a toast by trying to be too witty or too sentimental or by writing a state of the union to reel off. Speak from the heart and if it helps, have your better half stand up with you in support. Limit other toasts to the closest family member or friend to keep the reception from dragging.

Wear a good luck charm
A tiny token that provides a little extra courage is a tender reminder of what your day is all about—a celebration of love with all of the people who truly love and care about you and your spouse the most. This good luck charm could be a small piece of childhood jewelry from your father or your grandmother's brooch on your bouquet. It's the perfect opportunity to incorporate something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your (left) shoe.

Make it your own
Rehearse your vows in front of a mirror, imagine walking down the aisle flanked by your parents, balk uncomfortable traditions, and dance with your fiancé in the living room. By creating a wedding day that expresses your love for each other uniquely and then envisioning and practicing your special day's biggest highlights, you'll be a cool and confident bride.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Ali Struhs is a freelance writer, blogger, and mama in Denver, Colorado. When not typing away on the computer, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors, rocking out at Red Rocks, snuggling her new baby, and chasing around her toddler.