And This Is Why We'll Be Dreaming of a Brunch Wedding All Week Long...
March 5, 2018
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Mondays can be rough. No doubt about it. You know what fights off all those beginning of the week fears? Beautiful, intimate celebrations of love like this one right here. Simply put, it's as pretty as can be and a breath of fresh air with its brunch service instead of the usual dinner hour. Samantha Kirk captured it all in its entirety and we'll be thanking her for the rest of the day, newly planted smiles on our faces. Enjoy this gem right here!
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From Samantha Kirk... It was a dream to be able to work with Patty and Shayne. Patty immediately contacted me within days of her engagement, we talked on the phone and immediately started talking like we had been friends for years, sharing both of our love for our dogs that had passed and our love for photography. The day of the wedding was so beautiful, it was a Sunday brunch wedding which was a completely different vibe than I am used to for weddings. It was a 50 guest wedding and Patty and Shayne only had one bridesmaid and groomsman. Patty had mentioned to me how important photography was to her as she was a photographer herself and that her wedding was going to be super simple because she wanted to focus on what was most important on any wedding day, her and her husband. Patty wanted to capture candids and stressed how important it was for certain moments to be captured, like the first time Shayne would see her coming down the aisle. Whenever I get clients like Shayne and Patty it makes it all worth it, they were beautiful inside and out.