Saturday Morning Movie: Traditional Meets Modern Hindi Wedding
March 3, 2018
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It's that time of the week again: Saturday Morning Movie! And we got a wonder for you here today! Listen to this: a 300 person wedding planned in only four months. Yes, you read that right. And it's stunning and beyond beautiful to boot. If Robert Michael Films wasn't there to capture it all, I'm not sure we'd believe it. But they were and we have this film right here to prove it all happened, so sit back and relax and prepare to be wowed!
From Robert Michael Films...

Sheily and Raju met in college at USC and became good friends, but it wasn't until after they graduated that their friendship turned into more. During the toasts, their love story was described as a long Hindi movie with intermissions and all. Their wedding planning process, though... That moved much quicker. They planned everything in just four months for a 300 person wedding! When you see the details and how stunning their wedding was, this still blows my mind! Saddle Rock Ranch was the perfect location for hosting their traditional meets modern wedding celebration. And the venue team was amazing, kicking it into overdrive to make this couple's dream wedding a reality and bringing everything on-site. Because so much had to be brought in, it really allowed for some fun customizations and combining traditional elements with fun touches like giant Jenga and your choice for dessert: donuts or Rita's frozen custard.