5 Tips for Throwing an Epic Bachelorette Bash For 20 Gals
March 2, 2018
When I put together my bachelorette party guest list I honestly just started listing some of my closest girlfriends thinking “I hope some of these gals can make it.” As my bridesmaids sent out feeler e-mails it became apparent that EVERYONE could make it, all 18 of them. Oops! Of course I was elated but I think my bridesmaids were a little taken aback at trying to wrangle 18 people for a 3 day weekend extravaganza. Honestly, they did an incredible job! #bdaybASHlorette was everything I could’ve asked for and more.
Here are my few tips for bridesmaids throwing their gals a large bachelorette party:

Find an incredible house!
A house is imperative because the common areas allow for a bachelorette comradery that you don’t get in a hotel. There was a second where my gals were looking into a hotel and we immediately threw that idea out the window because you just don’t get the same experience. I suggest looking at AIRBNB and VRBO for rentals. This is the house we stayed in in Palm Springs and it was EPIC!

Nail down the itinerary.
With 18 people it’s important that you have a clear schedule for everyone to adhere to, only so that you don’t find yourself in “hangry” situations or frustrations over “what’s next?” Also so that people know what to expect in terms of super rowdy nights or low key nights. For mine, Thursday night we stayed in and made pizza and watched Troop Beverly Hills, Friday was our “going out night” where we all dressed up and hit the town, and Saturday was a pool party day. Everyone had the weekend itinerary in their room from the get go so they had a good idea of what to expect.

Figure out the finances.
This is CLUTCH. The easiest thing you can do is figure out all the expenses ahead of time and make everyone pre-pay or put everything on one credit card and do the payout after the weekend. One of the biggest comments I got from my bachelorette babes after #bdaybASHlorette was that no one had to think about money once and not a single wallet was taken out; it was all taken care of by my maid of honor ahead of time which made every dinner, grocery store, run, etc. very seamless.

Pick a theme!
Everyone loves a good theme. My bridesmaids chose Troop Palm Springs which was a tie in to the best movie ever, Troop Beverly Hills, and our location. The girls crushed it with custom sweatshirts, napkins, cocktail glasses, a large tapestry and more. I was so blown away! Get all the details and links to shop our custom decor on my recent bachelorette post on EDP.

Throw in some extras.
Tasteful extras! My gals had Manservants pay us a visit on Saturday and it was absolutely hysterical and so much fun. They poured us drinks all afternoon, took fun pictures with us, and FOR us which was actually amazing so everyone could get in a group shot. We also had Joy Mode drop off life-sized Jenga and Beer Pong. Speaking of games, my maid of honor put together an Ashley version of What Do You Meme by printing out tons of old pictures of me. It was genius and SO easy to do! I’m not going to lie, when it was all over I had post-bachelorette depression! I can’t even imagine what I’m going to feel like post wedding.

Make sure to stop by Everyday Pursuits to see more outtakes from #bdaybASHlorette and get the deets on all our custom decor! We’re officially 15 days out until the big day and I’m feeling good, although there’s a ton of last minute things to get done. For all my brides out there feeling a little stressed, just remember that it will all fall into place and everything is going to be incredible on your big day (I keep chanting this to myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed!)