6 Tricks to Make Your Eyes Pop on Your Wedding Day
March 1, 2018
The only thing you want dragging on your wedding day is the train of your dress—not your eyes. Step #1: Don't overdo it at the rehearsal dinner! But, for real. Step #2: Read up on the tricks below to make those peepers pop on your Big Day.

The Mrs. Mask

In order to make those peepers really pop, start with an under eye serum like this one that lifts, tightens and decreases overall puffiness.

Conceal, for Real

Those dark circles don't just drag you down, they can actually make your eyes look smaller! No, thanks. Use a small amount of concealer only where needed to avoid it creasing in your skin's fine lines.

Lift Those Lashes

Never underestimate the power of a lash curler! Lifting your lashes helps open up those beauties. Try running your curler under warm water (and drying it off) for added curling power.

Shimmer in all the Right Places

A light shimmery shadow can do wonders for opening up the eyes. Place a bit on the centers of your lids, on the inner corners of your eyes and right below your outer lower lash line.

Draw the Eyes Outward

Draw the eyes outward, literally. When lining your top lid, start with a thinner line toward the inner eye and widen your line as your draw outward.

Brows Baby

Your brow game can change the entire look of your face, including the size of your eye. Get the brow scoop here!