4 Newlywed-Approved Tips for Ordering Your Wedding Stationery
February 27, 2018
Style Me Pretty Blogger Bride Shelby from Pretty in the Pines shares her styling tips for all your wedding stationery needs!

Although it’s been months since I’ve checked anything off of a wedding planning checklist, if I could do it again, the process would be much easier now that I’ve gone through it! While some tasks took more time than others, designing our wedding stationery was one part where I would have done a few things differently. There are also some steps I’m glad I took, so to help make the process simple and stress-free for any SMP brides out there, I’ll walk you through some easy steps for creating your dream wedding stationery while sticking to a budget.
Back when I ordered wedding stationery, we weren’t completely aware of all of the options available to brides these days. We also wanted to hurry through the process, went back and forth with a designer, overlooked a typo, and felt a little unorganized at times. Luckily, with The Wedding Shop by Shutterfly, the process is a lot easier for brides. The Wedding Shop offers a one-stop shop for beautiful, inspiring, and affordable stationery for the big day, which you can customize completely on your own to fit any theme or look you want. You’ll find everything you’ll need including save the dates, invitations, thank you cards, enclosure cards, response cards, and much more.
Shown Above: 1. Excellent Watermark Wedding Invitation 2. Excellent Watermark Wedding Enclosure Card 3. Excellent Watermark Wedding Response Card

Decide on an overall theme.
Decide the feeling you want to convey to your guests and browse through all of the design options to best select one that fits your wedding’s look. Is your wedding going to be more formal or more casual, classic or modern, vintage or rustic? Do you want it to convey the wedding location or the season?

The Glowing Ceremony wedding suite is perfect for a more casual outdoor setting. We knew we wanted ours to give off a romantic, whimsical, yet somewhat summer alfresco-themed, but thinking about your wedding style, theme, and location can help narrow down some designs. There are designs ranging from classic and elegant to laidback and modern, with everything in between, to ensure you find the right one.

You can even order a free stationery sample kit to get a close-up look in person of some of the designs. Seeing the quality of the paper and the colors in real life can make the decision a lot easier! One of my absolute favorite wedding suite designs is the Excellent Watermark suite — I love how the enclosure card and response card were both so unique yet coordinated perfectly with the entire suite.
Shown above: 1. Whimsical Swirls Wedding Invitation 2. Whimsical Swirls Wedding Enclosure Card 3. Whimsical Swirls Wedding Response Card

Add a touch of glam by changing up the color of the foil, add a coordinating envelope liner for a little something extra, adjust the colors to perfectly fit with your wedding color scheme and just make it your own. The Whimsical Swirls wedding suite is perfect for a classic, more formal wedding and I loved the rose gold foil option available.

Each design typically comes in several color options and the text is completely customizable, so don’t be afraid to make your response cards reflect your personalities. Some designs even allow you to customize the size of the invitation depending on how much information you want inside or if you want to add photos.

Adding a personal touch with a photo on the back is always a fun option. When it comes to your wedding stationery, you want to be able to create something that is beautiful and personalized and, with The Wedding Shop, you can do that without breaking your budget.
Shown Above: 1. Glowing Ceremony Wedding Invitation 2. Glowing Ceremony Wedding Enclosure Card 3. Glowing Ceremony Wedding Response Card 4. Glowing Ceremony Thank You Card

Focus on the text details.
Include the most important information that guests will need to know. The next and very important step is creating all of the text, including everything each guest will need to know about the wedding. Having all of this written out before even designing the invitations is ideal. You will want to also consider the text for the response cards (menu options, if applicable), directions, invitations, and even thank you notes (if necessary). Your guests will appreciate having all of the pertinent information in one spot such as the address, time of the ceremony and reception, RSVP dates, and website information.

The Wedding Shop even offers printed recipient addresses/return addresses to help save some major time later on. I was so glad we ordered our invitations pre-addressed which not only saved us time but also money since we didn’t have to include a calligrapher within our stationery budget.

Proofread, order a few extras and add some coordinating thank you cards.
As the final step, you’ll want to be sure to proofread each part of the invitation suite; otherwise, you may end up overlooking an error, like we did with our Save the Dates, and having to order twice. You’ll also be surprised at how early you may need to write thank you notes, so ordering a coordinating thank you card isn’t a bad idea this early in the process. Luckily, The Wedding Shop also has a wide variety of thank you cards that you can customize to match the rest of your invitation suite.

With The Wedding Shop the process will be quick so you can move on to everything else on your checklist and be completely satisfied with beautiful, customized, and affordable wedding stationery!