This Oceanfront Celebration Has Its Own Essential Oil Blend
February 23, 2018
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This gorgeous oceanfront celebration all starts with a special essential oil wedding blend tucked inside lucite and watercolor invitations by Wiley Valentine. And it makes perfect sense when you hear that the Bride's family founded Saje Wellness. Using that as inspiration, LVL Weddings & Events designed an elegant nod to all things wellness with all white florals by Oak & the Owl, stunning imagery by Ryan Ray and a wall full of champagne for good measure.
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From LVL Weddings & Events... Daughter of Kate Ross and Jean Pierre CEO and Founder of Vancouver based company Saje Wellness wed last September in Laguna Beach. Kiara spent her childhood vacationing in Laguna from Vancouver with her parents as they were building their company so it has always been a special place to them. So when it came time to get married Surf and Sand was the perfect spot. All the guests came in from Canada so this was a true destination wedding for them. The guests first impression of the wedding was their acrylic custom wedding invitations wrapped in custom tissue paper and then tied with a wooden monogram with drops of a special essential oil wedding blend that they would also use at the wedding.

It was important for Kiara to incorporate the Saje family traditions into the wedding so we set up ceramic nebulizers outlining each space and had and hand dropped their custom made essential oil in them.

Florals were beautifully crafted by Oak and The Owl to create a natural romantic arrangement in white, ivory and touches of green. We also used Saje wellness candles to dress the tables as well.

If it were up to Kiara and Tim they would have danced the night away under the stars but due to noise restrictions we had to move it into the ballroom but the guests wouldn't have known any different as the entire walkway was draped with chiffon fabric and twinkle lights by Amber Event production. Guests felt as though they were walking into a magic wonderland.

A fun detail was Kiara and Tim's love for rollerblanding so we had the team and Sweet and Saucy make a custom rollerblade for them.

Kiara and Tim's Love Story

Every couple’s love story is unique, and serves as a touchstone for the life they are creating together. Today I’d like to share the version they have made public. Some of you may know some parts of it, but perhaps not all of what you’re about to hear…

If this story had a name, it might be “Some Enchanted Evening(s)” with a twist.. They met on line and had corresponded in an easy way, agreeing on roller blading and pickles as 2 things they had in common.

The first enchanted evening was at Buffalo Bill’s in Whistler, where they both ended up with some friends. Squinting across the room, Kiara spotted the guy she had met on Tinder. He had already picked her out and came towards her. They hugged… then they danced…and there wasn’t much talking…just a LOT of chemistry and a sense by Kiara that he was easy to be around.

The second enchanted evening, their first real date, happened when she texted to ask “What are you cooking me for dinner?” He went into master chef mode, producing a spectacular meal of steak, scallops and every vegetable know for human consumption. She turned up all sweaty on rollerblades with a bottle of wine in her back pack. Sounds perfect don’t you think?

Almost, until the word got out to their families, when a little bit of Shakespearean drama began. The families knew each other – very well in fact. Kate and his sister Leah had been part of the same business mastermind group for years. No one thought to introduce the two of them because no one thought it was a good idea! Mostly Kiara got warnings about Tim- from his family. He was a playboy, he would break her heart, etc..

Like some famous Shakespearean couples, that kind of advice just fans the flames…anyone who knows Kiara would not be surprised that the advice was wasted. Besides they were both smitten.. badly…and had other plans.