This Modern Wedding Inspiration is White Hot
February 20, 2018
Starting with a bank slate, this inspiration designed by Simply Tamara Nicole layers texture and unexpected details that give a traditional white wedding a modern spin. From a contemporary floral crown to a cloud-like installation by Wild Bloom Floral and layers upon layers of white and ivory, Rebecca Yale's images are proof that you don't need color to make your decor pop.
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From Rebecca & Tamara Nicole...The inspiration behind the shoot was to show a modern spin on the classic idea of the white wedding. We see so much white on white in weddings, but always done in a very traditional way and we wanted to approach the idea of white with a more sculptural sensibility focusing on modern sleek lines with an architectural sense of structure and three dimensionality. Even though all the pieces were created for a photo shoot there was a very tactile sense of texture in all of the floral elements and using vellum and clear glass for the paper goods invites you into the scene to interact with the pieces as a viewer. I envision a modern, minimal, artsy and polished city couple with great design style. Perhaps they were getting married in a New York loft, or a big clean white industrial/warehouse located in the heart of a big city. A location that is clean, minimal to allow the multitude of layers and textures stand out center stage. I have been so drawn visually to clean lines, white space and simplicity, which we carried throughout the shoot

From Wild Bloom...As a floral designer white is really an amazing hue to work with because it can be used as much or as little as needed to achieve a certain aesthetic. When used with other shades white can be a palette unifier or stand alone as a graphic statement. For this design we wanted to create something striking, architectural and beautiful. To do this we focused on choosing blooms that conveyed texture without being overwhelming. For the Bridal bouquet all of the textural blooms (Parrot Tulips and Garden Roses) helped support the core shape of the bouquet rather than detract from it. Then we added White Cherry Blossoms to give it an architectural quality and extend the lines in an unusual surreal way. Installations are something that I really enjoy creating for my clients. They can be an original way to incorporate florals beyond the traditional table centerpiece or garland. For this tablescape we wanted to create a real WOW moment that any couple would be thrilled to share with their guests. The main flower in this hanging chandelier is Lunaria. Lunaria is a beautifully iridescent flower with thin petals that almost resemble paper. When used in abundance the Lunaria takes on an otherworldly quality that is really ethereal. We then added Cherry Blossoms Branches to break up the design giving it an architectural & graphic quality. With a large installation is it always important to find balance. So for the table we simplified. We focused on creating levels and a sense of space with the florals and candles. On the table the main flowers we used were Ranunculus, I love the lines of the Ranunculus stem paired with the extra ruffled petals on the head of the bloom. It is the perfect balance of architectural and soft.
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