5 Alternatives to the Traditional Guest Book
February 18, 2018
While there is definitely something to be said for tradition (I'll always love trying to spot a bride's something old, new, borrowed, and blue!), these days, more and more couples are opting to infuse their nuptials with their own unique style and personality, versus making key decisions based solely on the sake of tradition.

One fun way to let friends and family partake in your 'couple style' right off the bat is the guest book! Gone are the days of simply a collection of signatures left to collect dust on your bookshelf. There are a million ways to commemorate your big day, and the people you share it with, that will be fresh, personalized and serve as a surprise for your guests.

Map It Out
One of the best things about your wedding day is seeing loved ones travel from near and far to celebrate. Whether someone's come from across the pond, or just across town, commemorate their journey by having guests pinpoint a spot on a globe or world map and sign away. It could be where they're from, their favorite place to vacation, or even where they shared a fun memory with the bride or groom. Brings "X marks the spot!" to a whole new level!

Toast the Happy Couple
Saving a bottle of wedding day bubbly for your first, fifth, or even tenth anniversary is a fun way to keep relive wedding day memories. Have guests sign a bottle or two of your favorite wine or champagne as an unconventional way to pay tribute to the best day of your lives. Reading sweet messages from loved ones gives you even more to look forward to when you pop that cork years down the road!

Game Time
Who would have ever guessed the guest book could keep the party going long past the after party? Choose a Jenga set or even a puzzle for something out of the ordinary for guests to sign. Use either game for entertainment for guests during the reception to keep things fun, or better yet, pull them out for your first married game night!

Polaroid Scrapbook
We know that reception photo booths are here to stay, so guests will jump at the chance to have another opportunity to capture the big event. Encourage guests to strike a pose and then include a note on the finished polaroid; they can paste it in the book while you're celebrating or do it yourself at a later date.

Watercolor Art
Speak to guests' creative side by letting them put paint to paper! Part DIY, part avant-garde, have guests to share a note, and then add a splash of color by painting over their well wishes. Make sure to choose watercolors that coordinate with your wedding day hues; after the celebration, it becomes custom artwork for your home!

Style Me Pretty Contributor -- Francesca Barger is a wedding enthusiast, freelance writer, marketer, and PR professional in the Midwest, where, in the last several years she's worked with companies coast to coast. She's more city slicker than small town girl, a bon vivant with a penchant for celebrating life's little victories, like a dry cappuccino or a good hair day.