Saturday Morning Movie: An Elegant + Traditional Indian Wedding
February 17, 2018
Summer Weddings
An elegant wedding is always a winner but add in the infusion of the Bride and Groom's Indian culture and this piece by Light Cannon Films becomes extra special. From the vibrant colors of the florals and the attire to the never-ending smiles, love and dancing, it's a whirlwind wedding that we are more than eager to get swept up into. Sit back and enjoy these five minutes of pure joy!
From Light Cannon Films... Awanti and Alok are the whole package. They are gorgeous, obviously. They are smart - Awanti is a lawyer and Alok is a dentist. They have a huge circle of supportive friends, they cherish their family. They're fun, they're performers, they sparkled in the spotlight of their wedding weekend. And they are the best of friends. For their 3-day event, family came from across the globe to witness their union. Awanti did much of the planning herself, which is a feat that we cannot imagine accomplishing. It was a beautiful, colorful blend of Indian and American traditions, making it truly their own.