This Two Piece Wedding Dress is Boho Bridal Goals
February 16, 2018
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Going for an elegant approach to rustic, this couple infused Holman Ranch with jewel tones, and open air tablescapes crafted at the hands of Be Hitched and Willi Wild Flower. From bridesmaids in black to a two piece bridal gown by Bo and Luca, the fashion only adds to the elegance of this day. Take a peek at the full celebration photographed by Carlie Statsky along with a film by Gold and Gumption.
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When planning our wedding we decided early on that we weren't going to do anything that day just because it was "traditional" or there was an expectation it would happen. We planned everything around what we love and the people we love- the result was magical. The theme throughout the day was "rustic elegant." Our beautiful bridesmaids wore black dresses and our flowers had a fresh picked wild flower look. Our favorite moments of the day were taking photos/videos with our insanely talented photographers & videographers, who also happened to have hearts of gold along with their talent. As well as dancing to our favorite music by a DJ who was everything but a "traditional wedding DJ." Photographs and videos are important to us so we made sure to have not only photographers & videographers but also a simple high quality black and white photo booth, and polaroid cameras for guests. We had lots of kids in attendance so I made special name cards with handmade coloring books as well as a full s'more bar and fire pits. We knew we needed to find caterers that would leave our guests full and satisfied so when we met Paradise caterers we knew they had to be ours! Our family style meal with a huge hit with all our guests and nobody left our wedding hungry! Looking back on the day we still can't believe that we get to call it "our wedding." It was simply the most fun, elegant, light, laughter filled weekend that we wish could have lasted forever! Luckily we have the photos, videos, and memories to last a lifetime.