Read How a Mountaintop Date Turned Into Adventurous I Dos
February 15, 2018
Stu and Emily's love story is giving us ALL the feels today. A super-random camping trip (where the mutual friends who were supposed to go with them bailed) led to the mountaintop I dos we get to witness on screen today, at the same mountain, no less. Thankfully that mountain was Northstar California and the gorgeous Zephyr Lodge serving as their reception space—the perfect spot for this adventurous duo. Like we said, all the feels! Can you even with this view?
First and foremost, Stu and Emily wanted their families and friends to experience the place they both loved so much, and for good reason. With a relaxed and natural vibe in mind, Zephyr Lodge is a winning combo of rustic elegance and casual romance, overlooking an outdoor setting with to-die-for views. Can we also talk about the fields of wildflowers and how sweet those portraits turned out? Sooo dreamy!
These sweeties made sure to layer on the personal touches, too. One of our favorite details? They were married by their friend Eric who introduced them, and was one of the friends who bailed on their first trip up to Truckee together. Guess he was forgiven (or thanked?)!
Favorite highlights from that day were Stu’s green suit, double rainbows, and Ikeda’s pies in lieu of wedding cake! Northstar’s iconic Zephyr Lodge (with floor-to-ceiling views of the Sierra Nevada range) provided a gorgeous backdrop for all of the festivities.
Emily and Stu didn't stop there. This adventuresome couple did a 16-day backpacking trip from Donner Pass to Yosemite Valley for their honeymoon (and only got hailed on once). 
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