Follow These Tips If Your Bridesmaids Aren't Getting Along
February 15, 2018
You've probably envisioned it: the love of your life proposing in the most perfect way that reflects your relationship, and then the warming thought of your wedding and of all of your closest friends surrounding and supporting you on your big day. But what if you have a few besties who aren't besties with each other?

With your wedding being such an important event in your life, most of your friends will recognize that and will be of assistance in the planning process. For those bridesmaids who are little harder to please, follow these steps for approaching a potentially wrecking situation.
Host A Meet and Greet or a Bridesmaid Brunch
If possible, host a pre-planning festivity meet and greet for your bridesmaids to mingle and get to know each other. Even if your bridesmaids already know each other, it is still a fun way to get everyone warmed up to each other before the planning starts!

Empower Each Bridesmaid to Plan an Activity

Most activities during the wedding week/weekend are fun-filled events and can really benefit your maids in the bonding process. By empowering your maids to plan an event of their own, you are making them feel fully part of the process as well as allowing them to plan an activity that reflects your friendship. It is really fun to see what each person comes up with and this will keep any feelings from getting hurt from feeling left out of the process.
Assign a Friend or Family Member to Peacemaker Duties
Keep in mind this doesn't have to necessarily be your maid of honor, or even any or your bridesmaids.
If your maids are just not getting along with each other, it is okay to ask for help from a friend or a family member to diffuse the situation. This outside perspective may help tremendously in bringing everyone together to happily support you in the days leading up to your wedding day!
If an outside source can't diffuse the situation, have a sit down with your friend who is upset. Chances are, there is a deeper issue at play and getting to the bottom of that issue may remedy the overall disruptions. Remember, you chose your bridesmaids for a specific reason and have different relationships with each of them. Take this moment to be a good listener to understand the issue, fix it, and get back to the fun of your week.

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