3 Tips to Get the Wedding Photos of Your Dreams
February 14, 2018
Your wedding photographer is the storyteller of your big day. So in order to tell the story of your dreams, you'll need to do more than just book a photographer — you need to communicate with them, too!

With so many talented vendors across the industry, choosing the right photographer is more about finding someone to collaborate with that can bring your vision to life. With just three more checkmarks on your to-do list, you can get that dreamy set of wedding prints after saying, "I do."

Ask for the shots you want, including those intimate candids
Have an honest conversation about both how you envision your big day and what photos you hope to have. If you want lots of documentary-style candid shots, say that. If you want only posed shots, say that too. If you and a particular photographer have different styles, it's okay to wait until you find a great match. You only get one chance to capture these moments. Make your voice heard and leave the rest up to the pros. After all, their entire career is about capturing your joy on that special day.

Share your style and set pricing expectations
Every photographer has their own style of capturing events, as well as editing galleries. Ask to look over their full portfolio from previous weddings. Find out what style a photographer prefers. There are no right or wrong answers. You're only looking for a good match for your big day. Also, ask about color prints versus black and white. Some photographers charge more for a certain type of print and you'll want to know up front what to expect financially.

Make time to create your wedding album
As soon as you know your wedding date and book your photographer, mark a day on the calendar to create your album together. Then stick to it. The wedding album is often the most forgotten piece of wedding memorabilia. The hustle and bustle of planning lead up to an unforgettable ceremony and celebration that your photographer can't wait to capture. But afterward, life moves fast and follow-up meetings are forgotten. Some photographers may include scheduling a date for this in their packaging. Either way, your wedding album is a living memory you won't want to forget. Be sure to schedule time for that before the big day so all you have to do is choose your favorite snaps.
Let's be real. As amazing as wedding photographers are, they can't read your mind. No matter what, you'll get a stunning set of stills after the party's over. Just make sure you share your vision and plan ahead to get the wedding photos of your dreams.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Katy Palmer is a casting producer and creative consultant in Denver by way of Los Angeles. When she isn't working, you can find her indulging in the latest indie films, enjoying the Denver comedy scene and supporting other women in media. Connect with her on Instagram @bykatypalmer.