Tips for Designing a Killer Escort Card Display
February 13, 2018
While Pinterest can be a goldmine of great ideas, it also has the ability to perpetuate wedding trends that actually don't make a lot of sense from a planning or guest experience perspective. It also sometimes hinders creative brainstorming while oversaturating the market with a few specific trends. Thankfully, we love to think outside the box and are sharing some tips and must-know details for designing a killer escort card display!

Organize names alphabetically

Organize names alphabetically to make it simpler for guests to locate their names. While escort display boards that are organized by table number may look interesting, it is nearly impossible for a guest to find their name among the 200 or so others if it isn't organized alphabetically.

Another thing to consider is whether you'll group escort cards per couple or if each person will have their own card. If you have a lot of single guests then per person makes sense, but with a predominantly married crowd, it is simplest to do per party/ per couple!

Make the display intuitive

Make the escort display, and any interactive element it may include, intuitive. Guests will likely be stopping by the display while mingling on their way to the bar during cocktail hour. You want to engage guests but you don't want them stuck at the display for too long trying to understand what's expected of them! Having a clear-cut course of action will help you avoid bottlenecks. Sometimes a simple sign is all you need, instructing guests to take their card. Alternatively, if you don't want guests to take their card, but rather simply look at the display, it is helpful to indicate that in some way. A wedding coordinator standing near the display is also a key way to ensure guest bottlenecks are avoided.

Simplicity is key

Often less is more! A refined and simple escort card display will make a big impact and it will aid in the overall guest experience as they more seamlessly locate their name.

While hundreds of ribbons flowing from a tree may be eye-catching aesthetically, from a guest experience perspective you're bound to have many confused guests and you may end up having guests avoid the display to save themselves the hassle. Of course, you don't want to end up with lost and upset guests so as adorable as a few hundred ribbons hanging from a tree may be, you want to keep the act of finding guest names simple!

Keep it personal

As you brainstorm the design for your escort card display, draw inspiration from your story as a couple. Whether a certain vacation locale means a lot to you or you have a shared love of a certain hobby, draw on your interests to make an escort card display that is both beautiful and intimate!

Envision the overall impact

Your escort card display is a place for you to make a strong design impact and reinforce the overall aesthetic you're hoping to achieve! Think big and incorporate fun floral elements or other motifs that tie into the day's overall look and feel.

Consider eco-friendly options

Antique skeleton keys are adorable, and I wouldn't say no to a copper elephant. However, once I get home I know those trinkets will end up in my junk drawer in my desk. Consider incorporating an eco-friendly and earth conscious element into your display for your guests to enjoy during the wedding day!

We absolutely love seeing the creativity and unique ideas that go into couple's escort card displays! Make sure to tag @stylemepretty with all the gorgeous escort display pictures you dream up.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Hannah Nowack is a freelance writer, calligrapher, and event designer living in the Midwest. When she isn't working, you will find her decorating her Danish Modern-inspired apartment, frequenting the gourmet cheese counter, or enjoying a glass of Cabernet with friends.