Saturday Morning Movie: The Most Emotional + Beautiful Wedding Film Ever
February 10, 2018
OutdoorFall Weddings
This is the most emotional wedding film I have ever seen. And one of the absolute most amazing. The Bride's grandfather passed away on her wedding day but with the support of her new husband, was able to keep her head high and focus on the love all around them. They decided to don their wedding day attire a few weeks after their big day so Killer Creations could capture some more magic between them  and just you wait: it adds such a beautiful touch to this whole film. We're speechless to say the least.
From Killer Creations... This is one of the most emotional days of filming Killer Creations has faced. The groom had to keep his rented suit and the bride had to re-do her hair and makeup for the video and photo team to take them out for more filming a few weeks after the wedding.

On the wedding day (9-16-17), the bride's grandfather passed away. We were able to get her to the house in time to say goodbye but it was a very emotional day for everyone and I believe our film does an amazing job showcasing the feelings of that day and honoring her grandfather. On the wedding day we were all so focused on ensuring she got to say goodbye we were not able to have any alone time with the bride and groom. These moments are beneficial for the films so we were very happy when Marie and Mike agreed to recreate the scene to help bring this film to the next level.

Mike and Marie are a very special and especially strong couple. They kept their heads high the whole time and focused on the love they all had for each other and her grandfather. We are so happy that we were able to take all of those feelings from an emotional day and create something beautiful to cherish.