Looking for the Perfect Wedding Venue? We Have the Answer
February 7, 2018
Finding the right wedding venue isn't always easy. It takes a little bit of time, a little bit of patience and a little bit of help from the people who know. That's why we are so excited for the 5th annual Wedding Show Weekend happening on March 10th and 11th. Hosted by the geniuses at Country Club Receptions and featuring over 35 country clubs and golf courses across the country (including 26 in the Golden State), it's your chance to find that perfect venue all in one weekend. Plus it's free to attend.
Wedding Show Weekend is an event that you honestly can't miss. It's stress-free and convenient, and with 26 country clubs and golf courses in sunny CA, you're sure to find the right venue for you and yours. Plus, it's all hosted by Country Club Receptions, our one-stop shop for venue info, especially if you happen to love natural settings, beautiful water features, luxe halls and customizable cuisine. Trust us on this one - whatever it is you are looking for, Country Club Receptions can help you find it.
Whether you're planning an intimate affair with just your close friends and family or an epic celebration with everyone you know, the Wedding Show Weekend is your one-stop venue shop with an awesome list of country clubs and golf courses that are perfect for hosting your big event. Also perfect? Not taking weeks upon weeks to find that venue of your dreams and literally filling one amazing weekend with all of the locales you've been eyeing, so you can start planning. Not to mention the amazing vendors, on-site directors and tasty cuisine for you to sample.
Ready to meet the venue + vendor team that will make your dream day happen? RSVP for free on the Wedding Show Weekend website and start planning your two days of venue hopping. And be sure to visit their Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for even more inspiration.