10 Getting Ready Moments to Have Your Photographer Capture
February 7, 2018
Getting ready to meet my groom was one of my most cherished parts of my wedding day. The sweet anticipation is like no other. Thankfully my photographer captured all of those moments so beautifully and they take me back instantly. Chances are, your photog will know what to do so you don't have to give them direction (and you can fully soak in the day!), but it doesn't hurt to express some of the special moments you'd like to remember beforehand. Here's a little inspiration!

Boudoir Beauty

If you're feeling comfortable enough, do a mini boudoir session with your photographer! A perfect post-wedding gift for your new hubs, too.

Admiring Your Dress

Take one last look, things are about to officially get real!

Donning Your Dress

You've waited months to wear this stunner! And we're betting your smile will shine so bright when you slip into that beauty.

The Spritz

Have a signature scent? That scent will remind you of your wedding day for years to come. Have your photographer capture that sweet moment.

Putting on the Sparkle

Whether you're wearing your grandmother's pearl earrings or purchased a new pair for yourself, putting on your wedding day bling is such a sweet moment.

Dress Details

Ask your photographer to capture your favorite details of you dress.


Whether applying a final layer of lipstick or perfecting those locks, capture those last-minute touch ups.


Slipping into Your Shoes

Chances are, your shoes won't get much attention if you're wearing a long dress! Have your photographer shine the spotlight on them before you walk down the aisle.

A Moment with Your Favorite People

Whether you're toasting with your bridesmaids or having mom put on your necklace, these are the moments that you'll cherish forever.

A View of the Veil

You're almost ready! Get a view through your veil for a final moment before your walk down the aisle or head out for your first look.